photography in marketing and communication
photography in marketing and communication
If there is a powerful and decisive tool when selling a certain product or service, this is undoubtedly the image. Immediateness and rapid decoding are two of its main assets. In addition, its possibilities in terms of design and composition are almost unlimited.

The world of Best Point and Shoot Digital Camera photography and communication would not be the same if one could not rely on a key element: photography. In fact, they are based on the information that it can provide, and in its seduction, to achieve certain objectives. We must bear in mind that the image is found in the highest level of iconicity, which helps to identify both the product and its service or main idea.

Thus, it is very easy for the target audience to recognize the product and its benefits with a single glance. Precisely this iconicity also allows giving the photograph of truth because its image does not tend to be far from the real referent to which it represents, favouring its impression of truthfulness.

Design and Composition

Currently, thanks to the image editing programs that are available, images have a wide range of possibilities in terms of design and composition. In addition, the existing photographic techniques, give rise to new optical representations that are achieved through the regulation of light, compositions, an infinity of framing and final touches.

This makes photography the most used method as a tool for transmitting content and graphic diffusion. But to be able to do it correctly it is necessary to possess practical knowledge of these techniques since only then we will be able to make the most of all the possibilities that photography offers us. Many studies reveal that human communication is 85% visual and only 15% verbal.

Therefore, any company that has a strategy designed to promote a product should have a good image to make its sale attractive and above all effective. A basic factor is to draw attention and stoke the memory. For this, it is necessary to establish a connection between the seller and the consumer, trying to make the product stand out from the competition to encourage sales.

But, how should an image be designed to attract the consumer? In it the product must be recognized, it must describe and transmit a certain atmosphere, have adequate tonal graduation and be of high quality. In short, you must reproduce the reality or the image we have of it and move quickly to the world that it reflects.

In short, and by way of summary, these are the basic characteristics that photography must have to be applied to marketing:

  • High level of iconicity for quick decoding of the message by the receiver.
  • Facilitate the identification of the product, brand, service or idea, contributing to its positioning in the market.
  • Create need and satisfaction through fascination and seduction.
Now you know the key to photography and its relationship with marketing, although to design a communication strategy you need professionals to advise you and guide you. 

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