Dettol has put together a selection of things, relating to hygiene, health, and general beauty care, a woman should always have in her handbag:

Hygiene Wipes

Throughout the day your hands come into contact with a lot of items, surfaces, and other people. You shake people’s hands, touch dirty money, sneeze into your hands, touch door handles, etc. and all these things are germ-infected. So keep the germ protection of Dettol hygiene wipes in your handbag to wipe your hands clean as this helps protect you as well as the people you come in contact with from spreading germs that can be harmful. Wipes are very convenient, and they can be used anywhere, anytime.

Headache/Pain Killers

We lead such hectic lives that sometimes a headache might hit you when you least expect it. Keeping a travel size bottle of a headache/painkillers in your handbag will help you take away that headache, so you can get back to the essential things.


A compact mirror always comes in handy when you want to do touch-ups and just to make sure you look presentable.


There is nothing worse than needing a tampon/pad and not having one. So keep one in your handbag helps, so you are always prepared for that time of the month. Whether you use a tampon/pad, it’s important to keep them both in a suitable container, so they stay clean while being carried around everywhere.

Breath Mints or Mint Gum

We all know bad breath can be a huge turn-off. Keep breath mints or mint gum for those days when you decide to have tuna for lunch to save yourself from the embarrassment of having bad breath.

Lip Moisturiser

Chapped, cracked, and dry lips are not attractive at all so always have some kind of lip moisturiser, be it a lipgloss or lip balm, to moisturise them and also just in case you need to look fancy, throw the lipstick in there too.

Hand Lotion

No one wants to have ashy hands, so hand lotion is a definite must!


If you plan on breaking in that new pair of shoes, band-aids will most definitely come in handy when those shoes hurt your feet. So put a few in your handbag…you never know when you might need one.

Pocket Tissues

Coming down with the flu and need to blow your nose? Having tissues in your handbag is always a must as you never know when you might need one. There will be a lot of instances when they will come to your rescue.


Ever had such a hectic morning and you realise only when you get to work that you didn’t put on deodorant? Running around, especially, during those hot summer days and feeling self-cautious about your odour? Those are the days you need that emergency deodorant to take you out of that “sticky” situation, so keep one in your handbag