No luxury watch is being sold under the tag of at least a thousand dollars. Buying a luxury watch might be an easy task but taking care of such an expensive item is a tedious job. Valuing such delicacies should also be a priority in one's life because you can't keep risking the safety of such expensive products.

It is not only physical care but also the internal maintenance that is required in the case of such watches. Any watch expert would tell you that a luxury watch should be given for service in every four to five years. Considering the fact that watches of such nature last for longer periods of time but we can't also ignore the fact that their quality and life might degrade if they are not given to the manufacturer for their regular services. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is one of the greatest examples of a luxury watch that lasts for many years.

Here are some tips that you can follow for taking care of your luxury watch besides servicing:

  • Always hold onto the instructions manual that has been provided by the manufacturer. It will come in your use at every little intervention that you might do in the case of your luxury watch.
  • There is a soft micro-fibre cloth that is easily available in the market that you can buy for cleaning the outer surface of the watch. The cloth is of great use because it helps in keeping the dust away and most importantly its regular use will prevent the dust and dirt from settling onto the watch.
  • You need to understand that every luxury watch doesn't come with a water resistance mechanism and if your watch is not one of those, then you should keep it away from the moisture prone areas of your house.
  • Keep your watch away from the magnets because it can affect the performance of the watch is kept in regular surroundings where a magnet is present. The magnets present in TVs and other electrical equipment also leave an impact.
  • Keep a regular check of your batteries if your watch runs on quartz batteries. The batteries do run out at regular intervals.
  • Develop a habit of storing the watch in the storage box to keep the watch safe. Any sort of wear and tear can take place if the watch is loosely left in the open.
This is the last one, but it is the most important one as well. You are not expected to open the watch all by yourself. Never indulge in such a practice because this might cost you thousands of dollars. The watchmakers are supposed to handle any issue that is affecting the functioning of a watch. You might even end up losing your warranty because of changes in the wiring that you might have accidentally done while interfering with the wiring.