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If you have already moved to different cities then you know how hectic moving can be. But if you are about to have your first experience moving out to a new place — then we are going to be really honest with you.

It will be exhausting and we mean REALLY EXHAUSTING!

Whether you are moving out for the first time or not, it doesn’t change the fact that moving from your current home to a new place can be very taxing. Especially if you have to move cross country — that too to New York.

Often many emotions are involved when you go through the phase. You get excited because of moving into a new environment and it’s a big transition in your life. That’s also why you end up being fearful and your anxiety is at its peak.

Most people are uncertain as to if they will adjust well or if everything will work out for them. Also, while we explain the emotions you might feel: Let’s not forget about how this move will in other ways affect your life as a whole!

Aside from the obvious physical labour, it takes weeks just to plan out things. You will have to sort out your belongings. You also need to take care of any necessary paperwork before you set your foot out.

Why The Big Apple is Different

New York can be tricky! While moving can be heavy on your wallet, moving to New York is no exception. There are a lot of expenses you need to cover up for this process. First, there’s the money that you need to deposit i.e. months’ worth of rent for your new apartment before moving in. Then you need to buy several tools like tapes, ropes and cardboard boxes that will help you pack your stuff.

Then there are expenses required for hiring a professional moving agency (that is if you don’t plan on moving all by yourself). You also can’t forget to overlook the moving tax deductibles.

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After reading all this, we are sure you must be having second thoughts about moving to New York – but hold your horses – it’s not really that bad.

Sure there is a lot of stress involved but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this experience while you are at it.

Here’s Our New Yorker Checklist

If you are planning to move to New York, but are clueless about how you should plan the move, then you have come to the right place.

Here’s our checklist before you decide to head to The Big Apple.

The Month Before Moving

There are some things that just can’t be done last minute so it’s best to work on them as early as possible. During the month prior to the move, book a moving company. The earliest you make your appointment, the easier it is for you to move in time.

Pro Tip: Plan your move during winter. It’s the holiday season when people are mostly busy spending time with families rather than moving so moving agencies won’t have a lot of work and will be willing to agree on a moving date that is most desirable for you.

Make sure the moving agency you hire covers moving insurance otherwise they won’t be responsible if you end up losing any of your valuables.

What to Do When Moving

Now onto the actual move: Invest in quality packing tools and sturdy cardboard boxes so that you don’t need to worry about anything getting damaged during the transportation process. The best thing about using cardboard boxes is that you don’t have to spend loads of money on them — often you can get them for free.

Just visit your local grocery store or a bookstore and ask them if they have any spare boxes they could give you — Yes for free.

Only Take What You Should

Pack all your stuff into cardboard boxes and wrap them up in cling film. Label the boxes according to the room they should be unpacked in. The items that you will need on day one after the move, keep them in a transparent container so that they don’t get lost with all the other boxes.

Throw away items you don’t need and donate items you don’t need, or give them away to people who might need them or just post them on craigslist to earn some extra cash.

Finally — Day One in New York

Update your new location by changing your mail address online. Install a home water filtration system — don’t deprive yourself of quality water. Trust us! It will pay dividends in the long run.

Make sure that you install an air conditioner before you start unloading anything. You will thank us if you move in summer. Ask any New Yorker about the summer in their city

You should start your refrigerator as soon as you move in because it will take days before you can put anything in it. When the refrigerator is in your new home, make sure it’s kept in an upright position for three hours — this allows fluids to flow back into the compressor.

After that you plug the switch in and wait for it to cool. It takes about three days before the cooling system can reach the right temperature so don’t store anything in it unless it has been cooling properly.

The Wrap Up

New York is a bustling city that has a lot to offer. So enjoy your time there and plan accordingly beforehand. Stress is natural when moving anywhere so use it to your advantage by planning things well in advance.

It is also a good idea to look up jobs beforehand. New York is a big city with a huge population. It houses many multinational corporations so if you have the right skills and education. Why not look around to upgrade? Have a plan and make attempts to fit into the lifestyle as early as you can!