Wedding Photographer 
So you have made your way to the local bridal fair and received all the pampering that would-be-bride receives starting from the mouth-watering cakes, and the wonderful fashion hosted in your honour. Now all that is over, and you are coming to the business end of your wedding as the time draws near to make the final call on a wedding photographer.

Consider these important areas to ask questions about when to choose the best wedding photographer Toronto:

The studio

Are the events photographed by a single photographer with full creative control or are there several photographers associated? Can you meet your photographer before your wedding? Who will handle your questions, problems or complaints? Is there an office manager who will return your emails or calls quickly? Can you get two photographers for your biggest wedding?

The equipment

Will your Toronto Wedding photographer use cutting-edge lenses, bodies and flashes? The digital equipment is updated quite frequently. Will you come to your event with duplicates of equipment in case of equipment failure? Will your photographer come to your event with a variety of multiple lenses or just one or two?
Best Wedding Photographer 

Photography coverage

Are you planning to have an engagement photo session? Do you want your photographer to cover your preparation or a later party on your wedding day? Best wedding photographers Toronto offer full day coverage of your wedding with no time limit. Some photographers charge by the hour and coverage of the entire day may seem expensive. Others charge in blocks of time. If you get a photographer who loads in blocks of time, when the time runs out and you decide you would like more coverage, could they be willing to stay longer?

Photography style:

Do you prefer more traditional portraits of your wedding day or more relaxed shots? Do you prefer mostly colour, black and white or one of the two? Do you want shots of details, such as close-ups of your dress or bouquet?

Tests and engravings

Do you want your family and friends to order high-quality prints and gift items online with pictures of your wedding? These prints can go directly to you or they can be sent first to the photographer. Would you like to be able to test your wedding album online from the comfort of your home or office? Do you prefer paper tests and traditional offline orders?

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Wedding albums

Is it an important wedding album for you and your family? Would you like a professional to design your wedding album? Do you prefer a traditional album or a magazine album or contemporary style coffee table? Is real leather important or is it fine imitation?


Are the services and products priced separately or are they grouped? When is the money owed for separate items? Are there any additional charges (such as travel)? How much of a deposit is required to save the date? Is it reimbursable? Normally, deposits are not refundable. When is the balance due? Do you owe more money when you receive the album?

Ask yourself many informed questions about yourself and your potential wedding photographer will set you the right path to choose the best wedding photographer, for YOU!