Track Android Cell Phone
Track Android Cell Phone

Have you ever wished to track an android phone? I am sure many of you might have or maybe all. Today, we are going to talk about how you can track an android phone with ten different methods. In others, we will guide you about ten ways to hack or track an android phone. 

For this, you will need BlurSPY App. Best spy app for android that can track any android phone and device. It has a lot of features for tracking that offers the users multiple ways to track any phone of their choice. So let’s start and explore how you can track a phone in ten different ways.

1. Track Android Phone for with Call Tracker

BlurSPY has a call tracking option. This feature is just one way to spy on and track any android phone. You can spy on the live calls as well as record the calls for later use. The app also allows users to block any phone numbers to restrict the incoming calls and prevent target person to call that number. 

This feature is useful for many users who want to spy on the phone calls of the target persons. Parents want to monitor the phone calls of their kids and there are many employers who need this feature to track the phone calls of their employees.

2. Track Android Phone with Message Tracker

Here comes another way to track an android phone. With this method, you will be checking their text messages. That means this feature will allow the users to hack the text messages of the target person. You can view all of their sent and received text messages. 

This feature has a number of uses. Parents can use it to spy on their children to see if they are doing sexting. Employers may also wish to spy on the messages of their employees. So this feature and method to hack an android phone is really good and lets you sneak into the messages of the target person.

3. Track Android Phone with Location Tracker

With the GPS live location tracker, users can track any android phone with BlurSPY Android spy app. This method allows users to hack the phone and see the locations of the target person. This can be really good features for parents as well as employers.

4. Track Android Phone with Multimedia Manager

The multimedia manager is the next way to track an android phone. This feature lets the users check images, photos, and voice messages, audio and video files. Many people will need this feature so BlurSPY has a unique way for such users to track an android phone.

5. Track Android Phone with Screen Recorder

BlurSPY offers one of the best methods to track an android phone and device. This method simply gives you access to the whole device. When you use this feature, the whole screen of the phone will be visible to you. It is up to you what you do with this. You can get access to their social media, calls, text messages, locations, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media sites.

6. Track Android Phone with Keylogger Feature

You may not be familiar with the keylogger. This is a unique method to spy on android phone. The feature actually detects the keyboard. Whenever a user uses the keyboard of their phone, if you are spying on them, you will find what they are typing. In other words, you can hack their phone calls, text messages, social media, messages in other apps and similar things.

7. Track Android Phone with Surround Recorder

Here we have the last method to track any android phone. This feature is pretty good and the users may be surprised to know how it works. It should be noted with this method, you can listen to the voices and sounds in the surrounding of a phone. How? 

The method uses a feature called a bug mic of the BlurSPY app. When you bug or hack the mic of the target phone, the app makes you listen to every sound. You can hear their conversations, talks and anyone speaking in the surrounding of the device. This is a very unique and amazing way to track any android phone.