Grocery & Supermarket Technology 
2019 brings in numerous technologies, and there are even more emerging in the new year as compared to any previous years since they’re now competing more and more with “online stores” as a means to make purchases of the products they offer. In this guide, we’ll show you what to expect in grocery & supermarket technology in 2021, and years to come from a leader in the space, Lemontree.

What Kind of Advancements?

Automation is the primary thing that people are noticing that are emerging more and more this year and in various forms. From automated robots, all the way to the twilight zone and futuristic advancements, it’s not easier than ever to make digital purchases become reality.

Some stores are investing in digital shelves, which contain LCD price tags that can be switched out much easier than other old, conventional ones, as well as it helps to ensure that “couponers” have a harder time abusing the system, as it helps to ensure that things are marked correctly.

Use of Robots

Like an episode of “Lost In Space”, Schnuck supermarkets have automatically piloted robots that detect out of stock items, low stock items, checks for pricing errors and can even trace an aisle spill and help people avoid them.

Automated Delivery

Kroger started working on a project that allows automated vehicles to deliver grocery products when they partnered with Nuro. You can literally order same-day delivery orders and more. And they’re not the only ones getting ready to start diving into this market. Even Wal-Mart and Buy for Less, as well as Robomart are all stretching to reach the same goal.

Automatic Order Filling

Order filling has never been more reliable than the online market, and places like Wal-Mart are taking advantage of this. It’s easier now more than it ever was last year to order groceries and items online, then go to the store, and pick the items out as you’ve already bought the item from making an app-based purchase.


You can literally use recipes that are held on your mobile device and find the products you need for them with the new technology available. And scanning is a breeze. The scan n go features at most stores will be even more widespread, and people will start getting used to it like they did the self-checkout methods, which will also be increasing. By scanning the items and “ringing them up” as you’re walking around the store shopping, it will be an even easier and cut time when it comes to making your purchases.


There are a ton of advancements that haven’t even hit the mainstream yet, but when they do, they’re aimed towards making customer experiences faster, smoother, and more efficient, as well as making the stores themselves be more consistent with their inventory so supply and demand can be properly followed. People always hate when they go into a store and the store is out of stock. With the advances of today’s technology, it’s more likely that they won’t experience this quite as often.