Cool Souvenirs and 5 Horrible Ones

We all love cool souvenirs, but some are just horrible. While you may have the best thoughts in mind when buying one, it's easy to buy the wrong thing. One ought to be careful when picking souvenirs in order to make sure they are fitting for the other individual.

Make sure that you pick the perfect PolarX Ornaments gift next time you travel in order to make the other person feel treasured.

Check out these top best and worst travel souvenirs.

5 Coolest Souvenirs

Below are the 5 coolest souvenirs to gift someone you value.

Travel maps have always been nostalgic travel souvenirs since ancient times. Originally, maps were used as accurate route maps for the various destinations. Today they are both fun and functional souvenirs.

Souvenir maps are fun because they can be designed into frames. As well, you can decorate them with pictorial details of the destination. Souvenir maps are appealing as they can be designed with vintage and other effects.

These keepsakes are used for reference. A well-designed map can be used to market the destination. If you keep your memories on a map, you will always remember the experience.

Picture Keeper

Pictures are an essential part of travel. Without them, you have nothing to reminisce upon returning home from a fun-filled experience. Having a picture keeper app is the best way to store memories forever.

A picture keeper stores all the photos in an album. This, you can back up and always accessible. Having a personalized calendar is one of the best gifts that you can give a loved one.

Picture keepers are also the best souvenirs because of their versatility. They can be printed on calendars. 
The best moment photographs can be ordered as a canvas print and then framed to be hung on the walls.


A collection of coins and paper currencies is a must when travelling. It is exciting to convert your money before you travel. What is more exciting is to keep some foreign currencies.

A huge collection of foreign coins and currencies demonstrates your globe-trotting skills. This is a unique souvenir because they are used as house decorations. When placed in a beautiful glass container, foreign currencies stand out among other decorative pieces.

Remember, currencies change from time to time. Having a collection of this as souvenirs brings the historical touch. Also, what if a cultural organization buys some of these in exchange for something bigger?

Cultural Ornaments

Cultural ornaments are the coolest. They are tangible souvenirs that you can carry home after travel. They identify the unique aspects of different cultures.

Both Exotic and classic ornaments are sentimental souvenirs. Cultural ornaments range from stone-made jewellery. Bead necklaces and bracelets are the loveliest not only for ladies but for everyone.

Putting them on shows how well-travelled you are. Though a little expensive, seashells modified into utensils or decorative pieces are a spectacular gift. Travels expose you to different cultures.

So it is essential to carry along ornaments that will always remind you of other cultures.


Other than cultural jewellery, clothing is a very simple travel souvenir. Anything from hats, baseball caps, stylish shoes, belts, or sweaters is an excellent souvenir. It is likely that when you travel, you go shopping.

This is the opportune moment to find those printed T-Shirts for specific places. If you love elaborate festival outfits, don't hesitate to buy them. One can never go wrong with wearables. Wearables are personal and so a gesture of good thought.

Alternatively, you can buy fabrics and textiles and have clothes made out of them at home. It is easier to find the fabric at the locals than at the mall back home. It is also cheaper at the native places, so take advantage of the availability to check it out! 

5 Horrible Souvenirs

Below are the 5 worst souvenirs to keep away from at all costs.

Fake Flower Leis

In many countries, a fresh flower is a gesture of true friendship. Gifting someone a bouquet of fresh flowers with refreshing fragrance is really appreciated. Souvenirs of cheap plastic flowers are really not good souvenirs.

No one likes anything that is fake. People hate these knock-off leis because they never look good. You cannot put up fake flower leis in the house because they are way too common and cliché.

Traditional Booze

As much as people like to explore wine and whiskey, traditional alcohol is intolerable.

It's just the locals who cherish traditional booze. This is because they are used to it and it's part of their culture. Once you carry it with you as a souvenir, it goes stale. It will stink and taste as like metal. For this, you won't like it; not even your friends will taste it.

Learn about them, the recipes and the cultural meaning. Then leave the boozes at that. No one really likes them that much.

Joke T-Shirts

Joke T-shirts are the lamest souvenirs. The millennial generation hates them because the jokes are nonsensical. The “I love London” tees are in particular sickening. Avoid them. Older people are too conservative to appreciate any wrings on t-shirts.

When getting a T-shirt souvenir, ensure that they are plain and stylish. Be very careful if you have to acquire those with writings on them. Otherwise, you will have it all wrong.

Miniature Monuments

It is very tempting to grab monuments of places as you travel. The most sickening monument ever is that of the Eiffel Tower. This, you will find almost in every home. The horrible part is that these monuments look cheap.

The statue of Liberty is also too common to have a souvenir. If you one that is pink colour, it will look even cheaper. It is better to have a picture of the place than the miniature monuments.

Tribal Tattoos

Some people like to go extra on souvenirs. They go as far as getting tattoos of the places they visit on their bodies. Considering you will visit millions of places, you might end up with the whole universe on your body. This will not even make you happy anymore.

As much as tattoos affirm your deep connection to a place, they are not as classy as you might think. Some tattoos are not expertly drawn. They end up looking like pears on your body.

Furthermore, most tattoos look good when done by designers. These are the only people who can make them neat and very minimal. If you don't get it done by an expert, your body will be all colourful and so unnatural.

Cool Souvenirs

Cool souvenirs are things that you wouldn’t mind receiving from someone. Above all, they should have sentimental value. Another factor to consider is the culture of the person you are gifting.