The shopping season in December usually begins on Thanksgiving through to Christmas. Although people love to shop during Christmas, the best deals can be found before and after the celebrations. What most people do not realise is that a day after Christmas can allow shoppers to access big-time discounts as shops try to create more room for inventory of the new year. Even so, it is imperative to know what items to look for and which ones can be available at bargain prices. 

Here are ten (10) items you can buy for less before and after Christmas:


Fingerlings may not be adequate, but a good number of toys are still available during the festive season all the way to the beginning of the new year. What’s more, these toys can be found in different sizes and at bargain prices before and after Christmas, making it sensible to purchase some during these periods. After Christmas, more especially, retailers offer their products at a lower rate. Remember that some of the products are also available online, so make sure you compare their prices with what is available at the retail store.

2. Gift Set

A lot of retailers prepare for the December holidays by offering gift sets which are exclusively designed for the holidays. This may include anything from perfume to coffee, deodorant to lunchmeat. These gift sets usually feature items that are used on a daily basis and which could be paired with products.

You can visit online retailers such as Voucher Empire for the best after Christmas gift sets and deals.

3. Tools

Before and after Christmas, everyone from the online retailers to the big-box home improvement shops offers discounted tools in December. Be on the lookout for sales on tools that are offered at a discounted rate, or keep an eye on a group of handy tools which are packaged together. You can also search for deals which offer a free battery or power tool when you buy certain toolkits. However, discounts are not only available on power tools alone as there are reductions in accessories and hand tools as well.

4. Gift Cards

Bargains for gift cards can be found a few days to Christmas. While it could be enticing to get a smaller percentage off the retail price, look for sellers who offer smaller cards for free with every purchase of the gift card with a larger amount. The bigger one can be presented as a gift to your loved one as you keep the smaller one as a bonus for your own use. What’s more, a gift card is still an excellent last-minute gift.

5. Champagne

There’s so much competition for celebratory champagne in the period leading to the New Year’s Eve. If you are partial to the perfect things in life, you can greatly save on luxuries such as the champagne. December, according to the Reader’s Digest is the best time to splurge on bubbly, as prices fall due to increased competition. During this period, you can easily save around 50 per cent on your purchases by simply buying champagne and other holiday products.

6. Christmas Decor

For a long time, you’ve been eyeing an artificial tree, a projector which splashes snowflakes, and strings of light for Christmas celebrations but you haven’t had the opportunity to have them because they are relatively costly. If that is the case, you can buy these products after Christmas because they will be available at a lower rate. Once Christmas is over, you can get the décor at great bargains. Search for deep discounts on another décor as well and store them for the next Christmas celebrations.

7. Exercise Equipment

Do not rush to get a stationary bike or a treadmill on Boxing Day, but wait for a little longer fir post-New Year’s deals for exercise gear. After January 1st, most people commit to getting fit, so retailers do their best to offer their equipment at discounted rates.

8. Gym Membership

If you are getting some exercise equipment, then your New Year’s resolution has to do with getting in shape. As you prepare for your resolution, you may think of registering for a gym membership right after the festive season is over. During this period, most fitness and gym centres offer discounts in anticipation for new clients. Use this opportunity to reach out to the local exercise centres and find out which ones will best fit your wallet and lifestyle.

9. High-End Electronics

If your plan is to buy premium electronics, you need to know that most electronic shops introduce their new brands of equipment or gadget in January. Apart from that, top brands from the previous year can also be found at the beginning of the year, right after Christmas. Buy those TVs and laptops during this period as you could be lucky enough to find them at bargain prices. However, do not just rush into acquiring an electronic without checking to see whether all the necessary features are in place. The Consumer Electronic Show is one place you may want to check in January because this is the time the greatest and latest electronics are announced. You can search for deals on sophisticated items such as 3D printers, smart home appliances, and VR headsets.

10. New Cars

It is common knowledge that December is the right time for anyone to purchase a new car. This is because, in December, most dealers are eager to get rid of their previous year’s stock to create room for the models of the new year. Since discounts decrease during the January period, it is advisable to purchase your car right before Christmas when dealers offer them at discounted rates.

Wrap Up

Knowing what items to buy before and after Christmas is important as it will help you to save in the end. There are so many things that are available at discounted rates during this period, so it is advisable to do your research and find out which items can be obtained at bargain prices. The above are some of the most popular things you can buy before and after Christmas. You can consider getting one or more of these items and save money in the end.