According to research, the average cost to hire an interior designer can be around $200 an hour. If you want a fresh look in your home, you can do it yourself, and it can be as easy as arranging the furniture the right way.

Changing up your decor can completely change the energy of your house, and can make your house feel like a home. There is no need to spend a lot of money on purchasing new furniture when you can easily rearrange what you already have.

But the problem is, how do you rearrange the furniture in a way that feels inviting, cosy, and not cluttered or tacky? The smallest change can make a huge difference in the appearance of your living room. Especially if you are staging your home to put it on the market.

Thankfully we did that research for you, we collected the best tips for rearranging furniture from the top interior designers.

Let's get started!

Do Not Push Furniture Against the Walls

No matter the size of your room, try to avoid pushing the furniture against the walls as it can actually make your room look smaller. Allow a bit of breathing room behind the furniture, no less than two or three inches with a smaller room, and several feet for a larger room.

You can easily and safely move the furniture around by using good quality casters and wheels.

Create a Center Conversation Area

Gone are the days when the center point of the room was the tv. Ditch that habit and create a room that is set up for communication and connection.

Arrange your furniture in a way so that people do not have to crank their necks in order to speak with each other.

Think Of the Traffic Flow

In addition to leaving some breathing room behind the furniture and the walls, leave a bit of room in between the pieces of furniture themselves. This allows for people to have a clear path to walk through the room comfortably without having to duck and dodge side tables, coffee table, and the couches.

Think of the Room's Purpose

Before you arrange the furniture of your living room, you need to get clear on what the theme of the room will be. Are you an introvert who only likes small groups of people over, or are you the social host who loves to host big gatherings?

If you have a large family, arrange the furniture in a way that everyone agrees to so that it is a comfortable room for everyone to enjoy, together.

Set the Coffee Tables up Appropriately

There is nothing worse than investing a lot of money into a beautiful sofa, then have stained all over it from people accidentally spilling. You can decrease the chances of this from happening by placing the coffee tables close to the chairs and sofas.
Learn More About Arranging Furniture, the Right Way

Arranging furniture is a great start to enjoying a fresh new look in your home. There are many other easy DIY projects that you can do without the costs of hiring a designer.

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