Bathroom Makeover
Bathroom Makeover

One of the first rooms folks tackles when they decide to makeover their home is the bathroom because it is a more easy, tangible and considerably small area to cover than a living room or even kitchen. People tend to secretly drool over beautiful designer bathroom images and dream to get one for their home.

However, many of them may not have the budget to go all-out and splurge on their washrooms. But that doesn’t mean your makeover has to be uninspired and generic. if you are on a tight budget and want to have a gorgeous looking washroom then hire expert services of bathroom addition in Beverly Hills CA that are not only affordable but employ expert craftsmanship for your dream project.

There are many secrets to get a high-end look less than 500$ .listed below are 10 secrets to accomplish it.

Secret#1: Larger-format tiles

Use larger format tiles for your washroom to make it look different and unique. The pursuit for an out-of-the-box dimension rather than the typical format.

Secret#2: Grout colour:

Another secret to gorgeous makeover is using tiles on all or most of your wall surface gives it a pleasant elegant look, but the expenses can really add up. White ceramic subway tiles are the most affordable option at many home remodeling stores, but the finished look can sometimes seem a little dull and flat. So in order to make your installation stand use a dark or coloured grout.

Secret#3: Tile Rug

Typically, bathroom designers will tell you that if you want to binge on any one part of the makeover, it should be the floor, because it has the biggest impression. So instead of laying a costly stone mosaic everywhere, you can save by designing a rug with just a few square feet of something visually appealing and using large-format field tiles in a coordinating stone around it. This great bathroom addition will uplift the look of your whole room thus making it look spacious and inviting.

Secret#4: Make Sure Your Bathroom Is Well Lit

Another secret of giving a makeover to your dream bathroom is adding lights. The livelier your bathroom the larger it will appear to be. Plus, there are lots of ways to increase the light in your restroom without digging a hole in your pocket. You can easily find some very fashionable bathroom lighting for any budget. If your washroom is small then it doesn’t require big lights. It is advised to go for LED lighting which is not only energy efficient but will help save cash on your electricity bills!

Secret#5: Trim accents

Another secret of having a beautiful washroom is by giving your standard tile a punch by indulging a bit on trim pieces as accents. These will give your bathroom an interesting, striking element.

Secret#6: Furniture vanities

Add a piece of furniture in your bathroom to give it a character and elegant look. For it, you can use a magnificent piece of furniture you already own. Some budget-friendly ideas for your bathroom vanity are:
  • Blueprint, map or art cabinet
  • Antique bureau
  • Student desk
  • Filing cabinet
  • Stylish credenza
  • Midcentury sideboard
  • Console
  • Altar or hall table

All of the above-mentioned staff might be rotting in your storeroom. Take them out, clean it and place it in your bathroom to increase its beauty. Moreover, you can find this furniture article in Amy local or flea market at very reasonable rates.

Secret#7: Paint

If you want to give a makeover to your washroom within your budget then repainting will be the most effective and perhaps the cheapest way to give your bathroom a fresh look. The colours you can consider for your washrooms are:
  • Grieve
  • Dusty Blue
  • Hunter Green
  • Deep Navy
  • Peachy Pink
  • Off White
  • Periwinkle
  • Black

Secret#8: Upgrade knobs and pulls

No need to fret if you don’t have money to splurge on custom vanity. A simple model can look one-of-a-kind with some pretty hardware, like the pulls and knobs. Also, shop for hardware that is unique in a vintage or speciality store.

Secret#9: Consider chrome

There are thousands of options when it comes to picking a finish for all of your plumbing fittings like bronze, brass, nickel and more. Chrome is typically the least expensive. Moreover, it’s the easiest to clean and maintain and looks great in both contemporary and traditional spaces.

Secret#10: Do Away With the Bath

It may sound strange if you are asked to remove the bath from your bathroom, but in reality, they take up a lot of space. In order to give your bathroom new and fresh look try adding a frameless shower enclosure.

A frameless enclosure in your washroom will reduce the barrier of light which will help make the bathroom feel spacious. Select a compact 700mm x 700mm shower enclosure if your bathroom is tiny, although removing a bath should give you ample space for an 800mm x 800mm shower enclosure.

Whereas, sliding shower doors are also suggested in small bathrooms as a hinged door may restrict your movement. Usually, people are put off by the idea of a shower enclosure because they sound costly, but you can actually find some really good deals on cheap shower enclosures in your local market.

shower doors
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If the thought of removing a bath is just too painful for you then opting for a smaller bath could really increase space and save you cash. Nowadays, there’s a great choice of small baths with reduced lengths and widths that are really inexpensive. Likewise, consider the idea of a bath with a storage panel which will allow you to squeeze a little more room from tight spaces.

Final Word

Take your own time considering what you really want before splurging money and investing time in your bathroom remodelling. Keep your needs and requirements before finalizing any design, style and look for your washroom. From choosing paint to faucets, from vanity sinks to bathtubs, choose everything wisely.