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For many businesses, Instagram is the most effective social media platform as far as the engagement with customers is concerned. When used correctly, it can work great for your business too. Many people are overly focused on getting likes on Instagram, but they fail to understand good results because they do not know precisely what their audience wants to see. 

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Instagram Marketing Service

Instagram marketing service is to attract more local followers, get more clients and in this way, you can get your Instagram account to the next level. The Instagram Marketing services are professional services which are designed to create and implement Instagram marketing campaigns on your behalf. People will have opinions about your business with the images your business shares on Instagram. Your customers will like to see your daily updates and would also like to know the personality behind your brand. We all know that Instagram is a high standard social media platform that more than 59% of internet users view every day. So Instagram marketing can put your business above competitors and get you more brand awareness, followers and customers. Also read related: 61 Best Instagram Bots for Followers, Likes & Views (2020) 

Instagram Management Services

The main aim of Instagram marketing services includes account monitoring, content creation, audience growth, and reporting. The time and energy you spend on Instagram to manage will be taken over by Instagram management services. The Instagram marketing services will also help you to elevate the quality of your Instagram page like higher quality content, more followers and more creativity to boost the results. It is one of the best ways to build a community around your brand. That's why Magic Social is recommended by many industry experts.

So how does this Instagram Marketing services work?

  • The first step taken by the Instagram marketing service is to do thorough research about your competitors. Then your main points will be highlighted like customer’s goals, value, and other demographics. The next step will be to gather all the details about your business and do some research about your competitors and customers to create content.
  • After you have given the nod to the Instagram marketing strategy, the next step would be to execute.
  • Instagram marketing services have paid and organic growth activities to grow your followers. To spice up the things, the Instagram marketing services will create Instagram contests to increase awareness or if you are looking for accelerated growth, and then there is paid promotion of posts.
  • Instagram marketing services have daily monitoring features like comments and direct messaging. The experts will monitor your pages during regular business hours and also respond to the activities that need utmost attention.
  • Every month you will get Instagram reports regarding your follower growth, engagement growth and other metrics of interest. The services will also make necessary changes to optimise your campaign. You can contact the Instagram marketing service any time to see the status of your campaign.

Features of Instagram Marketing services

  • The services use a hashtag to categorise the content.
  • Market research
  • They are responsible for account and content management.
  • The services help to reach your business to thousands of people.
  • The services promise to reach a target of 60 to 90 followers daily.
In short, Instagram marketing services not only give the brand an outrank platform to display their products but also help to draw more customers in an efficient way.

Without finding a way to create good content, you cannot make your Instagram page work. You have to try strategies to make it informative, attractive, and engaging at the same time. Thankfully, you can use several content ideas to create your own Instagram content.

It is worth mentioning that even the best of content will fail to make an impact when you do not already enjoy a good following, and that is when you can check out to find ways to improve the credibility of your page through likes and followers. Nevertheless, you will have to create content and here are a few tips to know. 

Define a Clear Focal Point

The focal point of your Instagram post content should be clear if you want to grab the attention of your audience. A sharp, clear image often attracts the viewers, and they spend some time exploring it. While on the other hand, a busy image with less focus on the actual product or an unclear photograph which is challenging to comprehend usually confuses the audience and diverts them from your post. As a result of this, you get fewer viewers and less engagement of your followers which ruin the purpose of posting. 

Abide by the Rule of Thirds

There are some basic rules and strategies of photography that can dramatically change your ordinary clicks. One such classic technique is the rule of third. According to this rule, you are required to view your product or image overlay with a 9 part grid. Place the intersection of the network aligned with the most prominent part of the image and then adjust the focal point in one-third of the picture. This rule is the most crucial strategy for taking focused photographs. 

Allow White Space and Borders

Borders help in keeping the image more focused, therefore leaving white borders around the edges will make it more prominent. White spaces or limits prevent the image from appearing too busy and help the viewers to concentrate on the image rather than its surroundings. It gives some breathing space to the image and impacts the audience in a positive way.

Pay Attention to Contrast and Balance

A stunning image attracts the people in a way that they at least stop for a few seconds to view its details, and these images can make your Instagram post steal the show.

For creating a striking image, an appropriate ration of balance and contrast is crucial. This balance and contrast are needed in all aspects of the photo, be it shape, colour, light, or scale. You can attain the perfect balance and appropriate contrasting element with trial and error.

Tips for making your content stand out:

  • Adjust the font style and size according to the theme of the material.
  • Adjust the thickness of white borders around the image.
  • Now apply the filters on your image. You can use Instagram tools for this purpose.
  • Always adjust the brightness and temperature while taking a photograph.
  • Various tools can be used for editing the background of your image.
  • Evaluate the image as a viewer and correct any sharp contrasting element.
  • Your image should be soothing to the eyes.

Find High-Quality Stock Images

You can find high-quality stock images through free tools like Unsplash or They have an extensive collection of stock images, and you can browse them according to your required niche.

If you don't want typical stock images, you can opt for paid tools like Stocksy, which have comparatively unique and higher-quality images.

Always choose the correct size of the image while buying one, as Instagram has its defined dimensions of 1080p x 1080p.

Create Your Own Instagram Content Using Templates

The various kinds of Instagram posts must vary in content and style from each other. You can use a different technique for uploading recipes and announcing giveaways. You must be creative in this regard, but if you are out of ideas, you can take the assistance of templates.

Various tools offer creative templates for all kinds of posts, be it contests or product launches. They also offer a wide range of editing options for making your posts unique and attractive to the viewers.

Here are some simple ways to increase your chances of getting new followers: 

Share Your InstagramHandle Everywhere

Your handle should be well known – make it highly visible everywhere. If you are creating any products, videos or images, put your grip on it. Instead of people searching for you through name, it’s easier for them to get directly to your page through the handle.

Get Influencers To Do Some Marketing For You

Find out the accounts that your target audience follows. Connect with them and request them to do promotions for you. Offer them a part of your product or service or a specific fee for promoting your posts! Tell them how your product and services can help them and you both – create a win-win situation and work out a plan. 

Engage With Others’ Accounts Through Comments And Likes

Post comments on other people’s photos and accounts to gain visibility. When you comment on something interesting, users are bound to see your profile at least once! Like their posts, respond to comments by them. Two-Way communication will connect you with other followers and audiences and increase your reach.

Tag Friends And Followers

When you post something, tag a few friends and followers who can relate to the post or have a history/story associated with the job. For example, if one of your followers plans for the right place to go on vacation, post a picture of a beautiful place and tag them. When they forward this photo to their circle, your handle will be seen, and your post will reach more unknown users. While posting about a contest or event, tagging is a great way to get more audience!

Make Your Appearance Unique

People will always think – “why should I follow this handle?” Is there anything unique about what you offer? Be creative and engage your audience with varied content so they return for more. Give more than one reason for them to follow you!

Other than the tips, here are a couple of excellent tools which can help you improve your Instagram marketing - 

  • Piqora: Pigora enables you to strategize your content by giving you information on which images are most popular with your audience, which ones get more likes and comments, and what hashtags you should use to get the maximum reach for your post! If this is not enough, it also tells you which users are using particular tags and how influential those Instagram users are!
  • Word Dream: Like the name says – just feed some text to it – and it creates a marvelous graphic for you to download and share. Sometimes, you may know what you want to post but do not get the right image. This is precisely where WordDream helps. You can alter the graphic once created, add your filters and special effects, and customize it. Additionally, the tool helps you with a quote to be attached to your image! Do you need anything more? So, what are you waiting for? Download it for free (limited time) on iTunes and PlayStore.
  • Report: You can use this app to make it easier to repost photos on Instagram. Remember that you must give the original poster credit when using the app. Using the app, you can also gather details regarding the photos being reposted more frequently. You can also use it to search for tags, users, and contests relevant to your business and brand. It is available for both Android and iOS.

In conclusion 

The bottom line is that you should try every strategy and use whatever tools/apps you can find to improve your fan following. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind, and you will surely see some good results.

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