We all want to be very popular on social media accounts, and it is our job as marketers to be famous. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms that help you become more popular. You need more likes and views on your posts to get this popularity. But the simple question that strikes the mind of every person is how to get more likes on Instagram. Some tips include using popular hashtags and posting exciting photos, considering scheduling posts ahead of time, optimizing your Instagram images, and using the app’s features to add filters and effects.

1. On hashtags, do Keyword Research?

There needs to be more than just using proper hashtags. Using appropriate and highest-traffic hashtags is the goal for you. You need to search out the hashtags your target users mostly click on because these hashtags are equivalent to keywords.

The engagement you will receive will be the highest if you utilize about 11 hashtags.
The hashtags that will gain relevant traffic are the best to use. You won’t be able to get the desired level of engagement if you use the wrong hashtags. The power of hashtags was used by Jawbone, the founder of the fitness tracker. They used #knowyourself, which was very generic and was being used by people already. So, if someone clicked it, there was no such engagement with the theme of the jawbone and this hashtag.

Using relevant and targeted keywords will gain more popularity for you.

2. Try to inspire your audience

Inspiration makes people feel good. If someone makes them feel inspired, they will be liked. Social media marketers upload a lot of inspirational quotes in videos on their Instagram to encourage people and hire Instagram likes to make more followers.

3. Sometimes, Giveaway lovely gifts

Insanely becoming famous on Instagram is indeed not always accessible. Some of the posts on Instagram are for giving prizes, and this is to be done to get followers. Even one giveaway will get you around a thousand followers at most minor and increase your popularity. The renowned blog mentions that even one giveaway will get you around a thousand followers at most minor and increase your favor.

4. Show lifestyle pictures

Regarding lifestyle, only a few people live lavishly like Dan Bilzerian, who has a lot of Real Instagram likes because of his lifestyle, which is vital for his success.

We are most curious about how others live; this makes lifestyle marketing really attractive. All rich people, celebrities, athletes, etc., use Instagram to show a lifestyle that brings followers and likes. But for the rest of us, we can confirm at least the necessary lifestyle pictures rather than a Lamborghini. We can't live this kind of life but live our dreams through these people.

5. Few selfies are good

Instagram delivers a look at people's everyday life. That's why it's popular, and we like it.

Instagram allows you to sneak peek into people's everyday life, and people expect a lot of selfies from you if you’re a beautiful celebrity.

Go ahead and make some selfies for your Instagram. Some people are against these selfies, but that’s no reason to be ashamed of them because you have the right to self-expression. Even if you’re not pretty, you are original.

Like the self-proclaimed leader of the ‘’selfie movement’’’ @mrpimpgoodgame, you would have hundreds of different selfies and still get followers. 

6. Comment on photos of others

A lot of exposure can be gained by leaving many meaningful comments on others’ photos. Your Instagram may be checked by the author and others if you post a thoughtful comment rather than merely liking them. You will get more followers if you have a good profile.

On Instagram, the likes are 600 % more than comments on the photos. As double tapping is more comfortable than commenting and saying something creative. But more people will see your profile and follow you when you make this extra effort.

Different programs such as IconoSquare can assist you in becoming a more successful Instagram user, allowing you to post various comments more quickly.

A test by Richard Lazazzera showed which kind of engagements resulted in the most return. When he followed the different users, he got only 14% to follow back. When he liked the photos of others, he got followed again by 22% of the people. And 34% of the users followed back when he wanted and commented.

7. Post additional photos.

Post many different photos because people do not want to follow an account with only a few pictures. When a profile is clicked for Best News Apps, three other metrics will enable the people to decide whether they want to follow.

1. Posts.
3. Following

You should have a lot of posts that include these different additional photos. Target the newest hashtags.

The way to get more exposure through hashtags is familiar to a lot of people. But which hashtags to use?

Most people add a vast number and variety of hashtags to every post, e.g., #likeforlike or #bestofig, and hope they will get increased likes. This is a good way. But using the TOP 100 Hashtags is a far more efficient method of getting more likes and followers.