Pancake Slip

Slip rings are also referred to as electric swivels, rotary electrical joints, and collector rings. It is a device that can transmit power or data between a stationary and rotating component. The slip ring design depends on its applications. For example,, the slip ring must have high bandwidth and better electromagnetic interference mitigation than the transmit power for transmitting data. The slip rings have two components:: a rotating ring and stationary brushes.

Why are slip rings used in motors?

Slip rings are not used for transferring power. It is mainly used for fighting into the rotor windings. The rotor motor generally uses three slip rings made up of copper. Each slip ring is associated with one of the three phases of rotor windings. The brushes of the slip ring are made up of graphite and connected to the resistive mechanism. Thus the slip rings turn with the rotor, the meetings maintain constant contact with the calls, and then transfer the resistance to rotor windings.

Including resistance to rotor windings transports the rotor current in phase with the stator current. By doing this, the result has superior torque manufacture with low wind. The slip rings are only used at the start-up due to their lower efficiency. If the motor attains its operating speed, then the slip rings are shorted out, as well as brush drop contact. Then the motor acts as a standard induction motor. Slip rings constantly convey power, data, or signals, mainly in AC motors. It is because they transfer resistance to the rotor windings. It is primarily used in many applications which add a rotating platform or base. Slip rings are also used in traditional applications to transmit power.

Slip rings come in numerous types, but we will discuss Pancakes Slips in this article. Therefore read this article and get more information about Pancakes to slip rings.

About Pancake slip rings

Pancake Slip Rings are mainly designed when the length is restricted, but the size is obtainable. It makes sure to be consistent with Low friction. Generally, the rings are concentric in a plane. The Pancake design provides a larger track capacity than the other in a reduced height package. They are specially designed for space grave applications. It is similar to bore slip rings with a particular focal point at the most diminutive height. An individual can choose a cable with a minimum size.

Pancake slip rings

A pancake slip ring is designed as an innovation to make an authoritative space application about the height dimension. Its flat shape is similar to platter slips. It is mainly intended for housing. They are electromechanical devices enabling power transmission and electrical signals from stationary to turning structures. The mistake can be used in any system needing rotation while transmitting signals or power.

Importance of Pancake slip rings

Pancake slips enhance mechanical performance by eliminating prone from changeable joints. It is mainly found in motors and electrical generators to modify the current system, machinery packages, wind turbines, and cable reels. These are used on any rotating object to transfer power, control circuits, and many others. Pancake is a high-speed slip range that is multiple usages. Its fine brass rings are used for signals and plating with gold & silver, containing low resistance and noise level when needed. When these valuable metal surfaces are used in conjunction, it provides the best result. Moreover, Pancake slips units are regularly appropriate for slow speed.

Parts of the Pancake slips

The pancake slips have the best parts, which are mentioned below:
  • Spring – Pancake springs are well manufactured with high-speed slip rings for limited height situations. This one does not have any limitations. The slip rings have unique features such as thickness, large OD, and minimum height. This one looks like a plate, so it is called a plate slip ring. The precious metal contacts make it a table with low free maintenance, torque, and long life. Its minimum thickness is 18mm.
  • Slop rings – The Pancake slips slop rings use vacuum supporter infusion. By using it, it is stable with low contact resistance as well as high performance.


This pancake slip ring is utilized in applications where the slip ring has restricted space in the height direction. These are used in various applications such as medical, test, print, measure, and textile industries. Its high-quality parts make large pancake slip rings for declaimers in bulk substance handling initiatives. These slip rings have naturally born between 500mm to 1000mm. As well as made of numerous pieces with larger diameters. Hence it is considered as the split pancake slip rings. The pancake slip rings are manufactured with extreme care for space-significant applications regarding height dimensions. This one is used at multiple places to aid with proper recovery and provide a perfect solution to each & every use. Overall it is one of the fantastic devices with a component-style setup. The superlative appliance setup can be prepared with the pancake slip ring.

The advantage of slip rings:

Slip rings permit the transmission of power and signals among fixed and turning systems. Below are the benefits of slip rings:
  • It provides high initial torque with a low starting current. Maximum height can be achieved in the slip ring motor compared to the saver cage motor. It inserts an external resistance in each & every phase of the rotor circuit and cuts the fighting at the initial process.
  • High-speed slip ring motors have high loading capacity, no uneven heating, and even speeding under deep loads compared to others. So it is said to be the best device.
  • Speeds can be attuned in the case of a slip ring induction motor by including a resistance. Hence slip ring motors are considered and well-known as changeable speed motors.