Losing a car key or locking inside the car can be a frustrating thing. And many times most of us come across such incidents. Because mistakes can happen with anyone and anytime. But not all mistakes can be solved by smart hacks. If you left your keys in the car you can call an automotive locksmith, which is the quickest option. However, fortunately, this can be. Yes, you heard it right. Indeed you can unlock the door of your car without having to use its key.

To learn, how, let's plunge through this article.

Method #1: Make a Use of Your Shoelace
Though it sounds like something impossible, probably it is true. You can unlock your car's door using one of your shoelaces, even any similar sort of string can also do the trick. Just tie a slipknot in the middle of the string.
Hold one end and try to slide the other end into the car door through side openings at the corner of the door.

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After this using back and forth motion tries to slide the knot over the doorknob. When done with this, pull the string outwards to unlock it.
Unfortunately, this trick doesn't work for the cars which have the locking mechanism on the side, but if it's on top of your car door this works effectively.

Method #2: Try Using a Plastic Strip
If the locking mechanism of your car is present on the top instead of on the side then make use of a plastic strip to unlock it.
What you need to do is just bend the strip, insert it through the door jamp and pull the lock.

Method #3: Try it Using a coat hanger
Using the coat hangers or slim jims is one of the most commonly used methods for car door unlocking. This hack works more effectively for manual locking doors.

Straighten the coat hanger while keeping the other hooked end intact. Use the twisted end for controlling while pulling out the lock.
Next, try sliding the hanger between the car window and door, until you reach the interior door handle.

Lastly, hook the hanger around the lock, and pull.
Apart from this, you can also try some small tricks mentioned below:

·        Make use of professional lock picking tools available.
·        Create a bit of space using the screwdriver and push the lock with the help of the rod.
·        Insert the lever, and wedge the door open, then push the spatula inside and try lifting the lock.

So which one you opted for? Did anyone of these work for you? Or without trying these, you have a hard bang to your car door, eventually causing it to fall apart.

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