Gone are the days when your PlayStation used to be the most prized possession for you. We are all grown-ups now, and it is time to invest in quality and stylish products. You are a professional, doing things for yourself and that comes with a list of necessities. Air Jordans have merely moved from daily attire to casual wear, and it is time for you to invest into items that will set you apart from the rest. There are some items you might already have, and the others could be on your wishlist. Here is a list of 19 accessories every man should own.

1. A classic suit

Every man needs at least one well-tailored suit in his wardrobe. It is essential to do it right. You will have to ensure that the suit is perfectly tailored to fit your need and it should show the hard work you have done in the gym. If you are only going to invest in one suit, pick a neutral colour like black or grey. Do not try to experiment a lot with the style. A classic design will look suitable for all occasions. You can also opt for a custom made suit that is specially designed for you.

2. Black and brown dress shoes

A man is judged by the type of shoes he wears. Hence, it is essential for you to invest in quality shoes like Vegan Men’s Shoes In Australia. A smart pair of shoes can elevate any outfit and can complete your look. If you are going to buy only one pair of shoes, you need to go with a brown couple so that you can wear them with any look and for any occasion. Oxford loafer is a universal shoe that can be a part of any wardrobe. You can pair them with slacks, khakis or even with jeans.

3. Shoe polish

You have invested in quality shoes but are you paying any attention to them? You wash and iron your clothes, but your shoes need the same attention. Invest in quality shoe polish and ensure your shoes are always looking clean and shiny. A little effort will indeed go a long way.

4. Leather belt

This is one law you should never forget. If you are wearing pants which have loops, you need to wear a seatbelt. A leather belt is a must in every man’s wardrobe, and if you do not have one, you need to buy one at the earliest. Always try to match the belt with your shoes to look smart and sophisticated.

5. Sports jacket

A sports jacket will easily upgrade any outfit you are wearing. No matter what you style it with, the sports jacket will add a stamp of maturity on it. It can be worn over a t-shirt and jeans or on a dress shirt and pants. It needs no additional efforts to style.

6. Wallet

Gone are the days when we used to shove things in our pockets. We are older now and mature now. You need to remember that you invest in a stylish wallet or a cardholder. Keep in mind that a purse which protrudes from the back pocket is a big no-no. Go for a thinner version of the portfolio and always keep it organised so that it does not become bulky or bulge in the pocket.

7. Chain

Even if you are not a man who loves to accessorise, you need to buy a quality gold chain or a silver chain for occasional purposes. The chain needs to be the right length and should go with your skin tone. You can look for different options on this website. There are some options you can choose from. Begin with picking a metal first and then look at different styles.

8. Cologne

This is one thing you already know. Women like good men. Pick out a fragrance you want and make it a staple addition in your wardrobe. Make sure you do not bathe in it. Only spray a little on the base of your throat and on your chest. A woody fragrance is a preferred choice for men.

9. Travel bag

Move ahead from the gym bag and the backpacks. It is time to toss things into a carrying case which is perfect for a business trip and is smart and stylish. Choosing the right size of travel bag is very crucial. You could opt for a stylish leather bag which easily fits your things.

10. Watch

Of course, you can check the time on your tablet or on the cell phone, but it is just to have a nice watch. A nice watch speaks a lot about your personal taste and preference. It is the must-have accessory and can be considered as the grandfather of all attachments.

11. Grooming Kit

Not many can afford a personal stylist or a life in the barber, this is why it is essential to invest in a quality tool kit for the face.

12. A chef’s knife

You will not need an entire knife set and if you are going to buy only one kitchen knife, make sure it is a chef’s knife. Never make a decision looking at the cost and do not allow the price tag to scare you off. It is best to invest in one knife that can do five things for you instead of having five different knives which you are never going to use anyways.

13. Cast iron skillet

Easy to clean and non-stick, you can also use the skillet on the stove or put it in the oven at any temperature. The skillet is strong and highly durable. It does not scratch and could last you a lifetime.

14. Passport

Well if you want to see the world, now is the time to get a passport and get a couple of stamps on it.

15. An iron

You can always take the clothes to the cleaners, but it might not be the most practical decision at all times. Never leave home looking like you slept in them and this is why you need to invest in a quality iron and iron board. It is not okay to iron the shirt on the kitchen counter or simply build a pile of un-ironed clothes in your bedroom.

16. Lint roller

This could be a lifesaver and is way more effective and easier on fabric than a proper lint brush.

17. Sunglasses

Pick a pair of sunglasses that go with your face. Wayfarers and aviators are always a safe bet and will add a dash of smartness to your face. Do not let the cost of the sunglasses stop you from buying the one that perfectly suits your face. It is a one-time investment, make it now.

18. Recipe book

Every woman loves merely a man who cooks. It does not matter whether it is a date night or you are just ordering in. It is time to learn to feed yourself, and a simple recipe book will quickly get you started.

19. Toolbox

You do not need to buy and learn to use all the tools from a proper toolset, but you need to have easy access to wrench, screwdriver and a hammer.

Keep these 19 accessories handy for your use. A gentleman is known easily from the way he dresses and if you want to leave a strong impression, you need to put it some efforts and money.

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