The Great White North is enjoying a tourism renaissance, with an all-time record high amount of visitors coming to the country last year. This boom follows several years of lagging growth, blamed partly on looming effects of the financial crisis and competition from more affordable destinations in South America and Europe.

It now seems that globetrotters have finally realized the travel potential of one of the world's most exciting and diverse countries, with 20.8 overseas visitors travelling last year. Canada enjoys some of the world's most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, jaw-dropping natural landscapes, and the friendliest citizens around. Here's why you need to put Canada at the top of your travel bucket list. 

The Land of Endless Distractions

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Canada has long since shaken off its old reputation as a quiet, uneventful country. Any first-time visitor to one of the country's big cities will be blown away by everything that's on offer. The city of Vancouver is one of the world's great entertainment capitals, home to one of the biggest film industries on Earth.

Toronto has a nightlife that gives New York and Berlin a serious run for their money. Meanwhile, Montreal is a melting pot and cultural extravaganza like nowhere else in the world. The country has every form of hedonistic entertainment you could ask for, from up-all-night clubs to raucous dive bars, to glamorous casinos.

On top of this, the country also has one of the most extensive online casino industries in the world, with literally hundreds of casino gaming options to choose from. Following this link to the Canadian online casino game guide will give you an idea of the scale of the industry here in Canada, and teach you the ropes. In Canada, there's no excuse for not having a good time. 

Nature is Unforgettable

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One of Canada's strongest selling points has always been the jaw-dropping natural scenery. There's the dramatic snow-capped mountain scenery of the legendary Banff Ski Resort. Then there's the beautiful coastlines and windswept plains of Prince Edward Island.

A trip to the far north will give you a true taste of Arctic living, complete with ice hotels and luxury igloo stays. Meanwhile, a road trip through the Wood Buffalo National Park will confront you with over 17,000 square miles of pristine lakes, green forests, and rare wildlife such as white pelicans and wood bison.

You'll also be safe in the knowledge that you'll be breathing some of the cleanest air and drinking some of the cleanest water on the entire planet. 

You'll Definitely Make New Friends

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It's no secret that Canadians are among the friendliest people on Earth. As a first-time visitor, you might even be taken aback by just how eager the locals are to help you out, recommend good places to visit and invite you to a party. You'll quickly feel at home alongside Canada's 36 million inhabitants, to the point where you might never want to leave.
Canada offers dozens of travel experiences in one place, which is why it should be at the very top of your travel bucket list for 2019.

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