iSelect is an insurance comparison website with a wide range of providers. Their team aims to provide service to Australians who are in search of advice on finding an insurance company for their needs. The company itself isn't owned by an insurance company nor are they an insurance company themselves. You'll find that they offer a wide range of plans and policies so that you can find plans and products that suit you. iSelect also makes it a point to protect your personal information, especially considering the fact that you'll be purchasing your car insurance or life insurance online. Keep reading below to learn more about how iSelect's comparison features help you save money on car insurance.

You can compare policies and premiums from top-rated insurers.

If you're looking to find a car insurance company for a new policy, the iSelect car insurance compare feature helps with finding the right one for you. Just enter your postal code or your suburb. You also have the option of adding your car registration onto iSelect so that you can start looking at insurance quotes and policies. The most common type of car insurance in Australia is typically comprehensive. This involves an extensive level of coverage, including malicious damage, theft, fire, hail, and third-party damage. You can simply enter your information on iSelect and see all the car insurance policies from their providers whether you're looking for a cheaper premium, better coverage, or a new provider.

There's no markup on the prices of any of the products they show on-site.

When you're comparing car insurance, health insurance, or life insurance online on other comparison sites, you can't guarantee that they aren't adding a markup. Some of these sites add an extra fee to the premium or charge you a service fee just for showing product comparisons for car insurance. But at iSelect, you'll find that you will be paying the same amount as you would if you were to purchase the insurance directly from the insurance company. The customer representatives will give you honest advice on the providers available. It's clear that iSelect isn't your ordinary online comparison service and aims to help you with finding coverage for your car, life, or health.

You can purchase your policy online through iSelect with no service fee.

The website provides quick access to a range of life insurance and car insurance policies. You won't have to pay any fees just to compare the different plans available either. Because iSelect doesn't charge you for anything, you might be wondering how the site makes its money. The staff is paid a commission by the company that owns the insurance products you choose to purchase. So, instead of charging you a service fee, iSelect gets a commission from the product providers because the site helps them attract potential customers. It's a great way for different insurers to get advertising without as high of a cost.

The team at iSelect helps millions of Australians find insurance and other financial products. The comparison features are just one of many services that they offer. A lot of customers actually choose to speak to service representatives over the phone. This is because the consultants are highly trained and have the knowledge to provide you with accurate advice. Their intuitive technology allows you to narrow down the best options for your needs. Plus, you can choose your preferences or mention them to their trained consultants in order to match the best insurance products. You'll find that iSelect is easy to work with and that they're always offering the top-rated brands in the country. iSelect is a one-stop-shop that helps you save money on car insurance!