You will not typically see any expiration dates on perfumes and colognes, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are manufactured to provide long-term use. Fragrances that you haven’t used in a while, say years, will not offer the same magical scent as it used to. 

If you are a die-hard fan of colognes and perfumes, you probably have a hoard of niche fragrances that you haven’t worn in years. This means they are slowly losing their essence and you need to take immediate actions to preserve them.

Fortunately, experts at Fragrance 365 have brought the instructions and steps that you can consider to help prevent your perfumes from going bad.

#1 Choose the right storage space

You need to choose a clear area to store your perfumes. It needs to be away from direct sunlight as it can damage the bottle. Perfumes and colognes tend to last longer when they are stored in darker places. You need to find a spot with consistent temperature. Shallow and high temperature can affect the quality of the fragrance. Avoid bathrooms and kitchens, as these are the areas that experience dramatic temperature changes. Bathrooms and kitchens are humid and can damage both the bottle and perfume. A closet in your bedroom is a much better place. Colourful perfume bottles are less prone to get hurt as compared to clear perfume bottles, so you need to keep your collection in a dry and cool area away from direct sunlight and humidity.

#2 Select a storage container

It is advised to keep the perfume in its original container. Transferring your perfume to another container will expose the scent to air that will ultimately result in your bouquet losing some of its fragrance. Moreover, you are advised to store the perfume bottle in a separate box or a container before putting it in your closet or the storage space and make sure that the caps are tightly closed. Using a decorative box or container is a fun way to protect and store your perfume bottles. You can invest in a suitable travel container that is sturdy and built for wear and tear. It will make sure that your perfume bottles are safe and away from all the harmful components like sunlight and humidity.

#3 Prevent any damage

Make sure that your perfume bottles have their caps on all the time. Exposure to air can make the scent fade away. Always put on the cap after using. Further, most people have the tendency to shake their perfume bottles before use. If you follow the same habit, stop it right away. Shaking the perfume bottle can expose the perfume to excess air. Or you can swing the container with the cap on or if there are any instructions like ‘shake well before use’ on the perfume label, you are free to shake. Next, you need to make sure that you limit the usage of perfume applicators, especially the reusable ones. Perfume applicators are used for precision; however, they can damage the perfume by introducing oils and bacteria to the bottles. If you like using perfume applicators, you are advised to use only the disposable ones.

Final Words

If you have a collection of expensive, fragile bottles, you need to keep them off of high shelves. 

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