very woman wants to look and feel beautiful. Beauty starts from the inside and there are plenty of things that can be done to improve what the eye sees.
Here is a list of items one should have on hand at all times.
1. Red lipstick: The idea of applying red lipstick frightens some women. The trick is to find the right shade of red for your skin tone. Use a matching lip liner to your lipstick; this will help to lock the lipstick on your lips.

2. Brow Pencil: For years, women have been using Eyeliner on their eyebrows instead of a brow pencil. This is not correct.
The difference between the 2 is that the Eyeliner has a shiny finish and a brow pencil has a matte or powder finish.
A brow pencil looks slightly brown and an eye pencil tends to look darker or black. One needs to use a brow pencil that is a shade lighter than their hair, for a natural finish.

3. Bronzer: Most people use bronzer to contour their faces and create shadows on the chin, the cheekbone, the temples and the edge of the faces. A bronzer is meant to give a tan-like glow and shimmer.

4. A good fragrance: It has been said that a great scent tends to make a lady appear more attractive. Some women have what is called a signature scent, a perfume that they have worn for years. A scent is very personal and having at least one designer fragrance is important. Most fragrances smell different on each individual; take time in choosing the scent best for you.

5. Serum: In addition to your daily Cleanser, Toner and Exfoliator. If you are approaching the age of 30, a good Serum is essential. Most serums have anti-aging ingredients. A serum is not a replacement for your daytime or nighttime moisturizer, instead is helps target brown spots and assist with discolorations.