Soul and gospel singer Judith Sephuma has dropped a ton of weight. She is sporting a svelte figure. The mom has given her fans some insight into exactly how she lost her weight.


Sephuma is an avid runner and not only runs when she is at home but also when she is touring abroad.


Sephuma takes time out of her busy schedule to box at the gym.


“Every Morning 5:30am I’m doing this and more! After one hour of training this morning,” captioned Sephuma.

Running group

Sephuma has the support of a running group. They meet in the morning and support each other in their weight loss endeavours.


“What a day I had today. Really good day with the most amazing graceful dancers. 4hour rehearsal and it is going to look amazing,” Sephuma said of her dancing rehearsals.

Juice detoxes

Sephuma drinks healthy veggie based juices to supplement her lifestyle. “Here we go DETOX DAY 1, JUICE 1. spinach, parsley, cucumber, wheatgrass and whatever else…. #healthyliving, #6 juices a day every 1h30min, with lots of water. LETS GO!”