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Get Smart With Your Purchase Before Laying Down Money Or Carpet

Before you do that all-important search for the words carpet store near me and go about choosing the best carpeting for your home, you need to know some necessary information about carpeting. Yes, it can make the floor much more comfortable to sit on and even stand on for long periods. Carpeting is also something that can dampen sounds in your home, such as the noise made by your footsteps. However, there’s much more to it than that. Here’s what you need to know.


Did you know that rolls of carpet come in precise widths? This means that if you’re purchasing it for a large room, you’ll have some seams to deal with upon installation. While the best installation companies can hide these seems quite well, you still need to be aware of this fact. Generally, carpeting is available in specific widths that range from 12 feet to 15 feet. The rolls are quite long, but there are limits here, of course. If you choose a type of carpeting that is shallow profile, or one with looped threads, then the seams will be a bit more visible than they’d be if you chose one that’s higher in profile and padding. The texture matters as well. Depending on how the room is laid out, you might be able to hide those seams under the furniture.

Your Carpet Will Lie A Certain Way

No matter how it’s made (and despite your best efforts) your carpeting will always lie a certain way. This is called napping. The nap still lies in the way that it was designed. This means that you can’t control it. It’s kind of like the idea that your hair falls. There are always certain areas that tend to go in their direction, no matter how much hair gel, styling cream, or heat tools that you use. Your carpeting does what it does, and you’ll need to accept it.

Potential Issues

There are potential issues that crop up with every type of carpeting. They include those that appear with the loops in the carpet fibers, as well as with the backing. When you’re in your local carpeting store, make sure to check with the employees to ensure that the backing on the carpeting that you’re looking at is pliant enough to work on your stairs. Certain types of solid support won’t work so well. Also, if you choose a variety of carpeting with unusually long fiber loops, be prepared to have them catch things like pet hair and pollen. Shorter looped carpets are better if you’re worried about these things.


Finally, when you’re examining your options after searching for a carpet store near me, you need to see if the stores offer anything beyond the standard manufacturer warranty. Many stores have an optional extended warranty that you can purchase to make sure that everything is covered should something go wrong with your carpeting.

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