You have a beautiful website set up, but it isn’t helping you grow your business. You have noticed that many people visit it but don’t turn into leads or customers. There is something wrong that you that doing, which isn’t showing an increase in conversion rate. What are you doing that is making your visitors exit the website? Are there any ways you can increase conversions? Continue reading our guide on how to improve the conversion rate of your site.

3 Effective ways to improve conversion rate

Optimize your website to get more out of it. Here are three tips to help you do it quickly.

1. Increase motivation

When a customer visits your website, they are there because of a particular motivation. It's your job is to understand it and create a clear path for the customer to achieve their needs. One of the first things that a customer questions, is whether the product is worth the price. The next problem is how will they benefit from purchasing the product. Mention the product’s use and its other benefits. Make sure the Call-to-Action button is maintained clearly for them to take the next action.

2. Frequently asked questions

Your visitors are going to have a lot of questions about the company, brand, and your products. For improving conversion rates, you have to satisfy their curiosity. At the same time, you don’t want them mailing you silly doubts and queries. Create a separate page on the website that contains common questions and their answers.

3. Qualitative and quantitative proof

Some visitors like quantitative evidence including the number of years the company is in business, position in the bestseller list, number of happy customers, and dollar or hours saved. Other prefer qualitative data like reviews, research results, and testimonials. You have to mention both of them to increase conversion.

Technical aspects that increase the conversion rate

4. Strong refund policy

Customers are interested in your product’s refund policy, warranty, and guarantee as it makes them more confident about the purchase. Mention the systems right below the product, where they can find it easily. Technical data plays a crucial role to improve conversion rates. You can do a separate section on the FAQ about the refund policy to make things clearer.

5. Use action words

Start sentences with action words like grab the discount and reserve your seat today to encourage the visitors to take action. Most of the visitors only come to check the website, but you never know some motivation can help them to make an unexpected purchase. That’s more business for you, which is always good.

6. Keep questions short and simple

If you have a contact or query form on your website, make sure the issues are limited in number and crisp. Visitors hate it when they have to add too many details like their address, pin code, and honestly, you don’t need to know these things. Instead, focus this attention on answering their queries and clearing the doubts, and they will happily make the purchase.

Improve website design to attract potential customers

7. Brainstorm an effective headline

If you are wondering how to make conversions the moment your website goes live on a visitor’s screen, then you have come to the right place. The headline is the essential element of your landing page. Change the headline as many times as you want unless you settle on one that turns visitors into leads.

8. Clearly state your product’s use

The one thing that separates you from your competitor is your product’s use. Don’t be shy about boasting different ways to use your products. You can make some quirky articles about unique or crazy ways to use them to engage the visitors and increase web conversion. Mention the unique things about the product including the certifications they have, materials used to make it, durability, and strength. Your goal should be to help the visitors imagine your products in their hands after reading the description.

9. Short videos on landing pages

You can upload animated or live videos about the company, products, and individual reviews on the landing pages. Watching a video is more comfortable than reading a long blog, so boost conversions with a little extra effort. You can make holiday-themed videos and excite your visitors about it. Visit Trust Activity today to find more on how to increase conversion rates.

Throw importance on the products

10. Recommend other products

After you complete giving information about the product on the product page, have a small section dedicated to other products sold by your company. These can be products that can be used with the main product or something unrelated as it makes the viewers look at more and be motivated to purchase, thereby helping in an increase in conversion rates. For example, if you sell infant feeding bowls, recommend other products like spoons or special washing liquid for them.

11. Display product inventory

A simple way to increase website conversion is by creating a need. When the visitors see the words “limited edition” or “only ten left in stock”, they will purchase the product even if they don’t need it currently.

12. Write a compelling but clear copy

You don’t need to use fancy words to attract the viewers or increase conversions on the website. If you oversell, they will think that is something wrong with the product, or it isn’t good enough and that you are trying to cover it with kind words. Keep it simple and clear and use as many action verbs as possible.

More ways to boost website conversion rates

13. Experiment with different CTA

Try different Call-to-Action than the usual ones like order now and buy now. Place several CTAs throughout your website, use different words and colors, to motivate the users. It is one of the easiest conversion tips for incorporating in your plan.

14. Don’t set high product expectations

Another way to increase website conversion rate is by telling people precisely what they will receive from the product. Mention the features and benefits, which it is useful for, and how you will deliver it.

15. Clear a tunnel vision

The landing page shouldn’t include any other information than that you want the visitor to know. It will only distract them and take them in less desirable navigation. To improve site conversion, the landing page should not have a navigation bar and have only the necessary CTAs to next the visitor to the next webpage.

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