Corporate Parties at times becomes as dull as the work in the office. There are some parties where people hardly communicate, have the food and head back. Having no party is better than having a party like this. Corporate Parties are fun too if it is planned well and the employees that our guests are there to enjoy. Some elements would itself make the party fun and enjoyable click here for more info. To have a hit Corporate Party, the party theme should be pre-decided to prepare accordingly. 

Thus we are here with seven awesome corporate party theme Ideas for your next event.

1. A Corporate “Camping” Retreat

You can make the entire decor of camping theme. Here you have to construct tents, arrange for games like jumbo chess, have beer pong and several campfires at regular intervals if there are a huge number of guests. You can arrange for wandering singers and guitarists who would light up the evening. Organize an s’mores bar for drinks and other purposes. You can also arrange for astronomical instruments like a telescope so that at night people can discover the solar system and have a lifetime experience.

2. En Blanc Party

It is Diner en Blanc whose literal translation is dinner in white. Here the whole dinner set up of the late 80s which got popular in Paris. Now it is accepted worldwide for various theme parties and a welcome conference reception. The venue chosen is open sky like in gardens or terrace hardly under the roof. The place is decorated with white linens and lanterns, and all the guests are also requested to wear whites. This is a very cost useful party idea as you can quickly get the white table cloths and chairs for the party.

3. A Kids Party for Adults

It is said there’s a child hidden in all of us. So whatever age we reach we would love revisiting our childhood days and play with the games we used to play when we were kids. So you can have this set up you have for kids like having video games, lasers, clowns, walls of balloons, soap bubble rain, board games, other indoor or outdoor games that would bring out the child in us. All these activities are said to take our stress away and also give us recreation. It works as stress buster, so this is one of the most recommended as a corporate party idea.

4. Abstract Koi Pond Party

You would have never been to this party; this is a party where this abstract fish koi is imaged on various things like chairs and other places. This would make you attracted towards it, but it is just visual, it is not a real fish koi. You will see the number of koi fishes on the imaginary pond, all of it swimming would be a sheer delight to watch. These flashes of bright colors of this fish koi will leave each one of you in astonishment. Send corporate flowers online to your subordinates and supervisors to wish them a happy birthday.

5. Jack Daniels Theme

You can use all the details of Jack Daniels for the decor of your party venue. You can choose a place which is all black and hang signboards of Jack Daniels. You can use the empty Jack Daniels bottles as lanterns stuffing them with the fairy lights. For chairs, you can use wine barrels to get all the Jack Daniels vibes. You can use other such props to attract the guests and invite a rock band for a fabulous party. The employees would have a great time grooving on the beats of the group, and they will also enjoy the ambiance.

6. Spanish Theme

If you have considerable employees who are Spain natives, be this party be a tribute to them. You can arrange for famous Spanish dishes and also have Spanish decor of the party. You can also include Spanish dance for entertainment and venue as a fiesta of music. More focus is on the Spanish dishes served to the employees, and thus it is more likely a Spanish food-themed corporate party, everything else is just a bonus. You can have a live Paella station which will be a cherry on the top for the event. Buy chocolates online for your loved ones and treat them with the same on special occasions.

7. Barbecues Theme

Barbecues are one of the best themes and foods for the party as one can have while walking and chatting. It is one of everyone’s favorite grilled food; it is undoubtedly the best family food. So why not make it the best corporate food too. You can easily have them on skewers, and so there is no hassle of washing your hands. You can have this food even while dancing and you can have beautiful decor by arranging these grill stations at different places and giving a smoky view to the party.

We hope these Corporate Party Ideas gives you the best of memories and you enjoy the most.