One of the best parts about Valentine’s Day is getting something unexpected from your partner. It always gives heebie-jeebies to see your partner unwrap your gift. How about planning a Valentine gift that only not gives a perfect memory but also adds a dose of laughter in your book of love?

Planning a love filled yet funny gift for your girlfriend might seem like a herculean task. Fret not! Use the following gifting ideas to make her heart skip a beat.

Personalised LED Lit Cushion:

It feels really special to have personalised gifts, especially the ones that showcase how much you matter to someone. With a personalised LED lit cushion, your girlfriend will feel your love every time she switches her room lights off.

Fun Toilet Roll

Nature’s call is the only time where one doesn’t want to carry any electronic gadgets. One mistake and splash! The expensive equipment goes blank. Why not write a long story, some messages, fun facts or anything related to what your girlfriend likes on the toilet roll to make the time fun.

Unicorn Slippers

Rainbow, castle, fairy and especially unicorns, every girl dreams about these at least once in her life. You can make that dream come true this Valentine’s Day by gifting your partner a pair of Unicorn Slippers. Every time she wears the slippers, she will remember her childhood.

Anti Fart Pills

It is a fact that every person in this world needs to fart and sometimes that becomes really traumatic for other people who are in the room. To save her from this embarrassment, gift her anti fart pills that changes the pungent smell of the fart to a sweet flowery aroma.

Mug Cakes

Cakes are one of the best Valentine’s day gift to add sweet memories of love. Why not do it with a twist! Bake a sweet cake of her favourite flavour in the coffee mug which she uses everyday and make her realize how much you love her.

Face Socks

Are you bored seeing the plain socks that your partner wears? This Valentine’s Day, gift her some personalized socks with her face printed on them. She can easily chill out on the couch wearing those socks and remember how you fill colours even in the most boring piece of her clothing.

Bubble Wrap Costume

Out of several Valentine gifts for girlfriend, the best that you can give is yourself and that’s what she is with you for- “YOU”. Buy a bubble wrap costume, wear it and present yourself to your girlfriend saying “Caution, fragile item inside. Handle with care”. She will definitely fall in love with you all over again.

Hangover Kit

If your partner is the one who likes to party and booze, there can be nothing better than a Hangover Kit. The most difficult part of having a hangover is arranging the things that you need to get rid of it. Gift a kit of remedies to her and change a sick morning into a healthy one.

Love Bells

Who doesn’t want people to pamper them and the best way to get this done is letting them know that you need to be pampered. Get your partner a love bell, which has a message like “Ring Me For Hugs” or “Ring Me For Kisses”. She will keep ringing the bell around you to feel loved.

Use the above ideas to stand out during this season of love and cherish the moments filled with love and laughter with your partner.