In a wedding, the reception has two different starting points one for the guests and another one for the bride and groom. The dinner for many guests starts when food, drinks and dance floor open while for bride and groom it begins when they get to relax and are done with the function successfully. However, the planning of this event is anything and everything but relaxing, especially if you have a limited budget. Luckily, there are numerous ways to save money on many fun, elegance, clothes and décor part of the event. 

Following are the top ten ways of decoration ideas on a budget:
  1. Flowers are the essential part of the wedding so if you can change the real flowers to native or artificial flower. There is fantastic paper, and lightweight tissue flowers also made for the reception and for the tables while using real flowers on the stage. This can save up a lot of money.
  2. Even on the backdrop, you can use creative ideas apart from flowers, which can decorate the stage most uniquely. This will not only help you in saving a lot of money but also give guests a new and unique view of the scene.
  3. A lot of people use Christmas lights throughout the year for various events in their lounges or porches to give an elegant look. These already available cheap décor can add a beautiful, sleek look at any private venue hire London etc. You can hang them from a ceiling or round them around tables, cake, pots and whatnot.
  4. The seat covers can be quite expensive and do not have much of the spotlight so instead of protection, you can use wide ribbons which could add up a very decent, elegant look while saving a lot of money.
  5. Water fountains can bring a stunning and majestic look to your entrance or cake table. The price varies with the size of the basin, adding a small spray can not only give the entrance quite a luxurious look with an investment of much fewer dollars.
  6. Feathers are always the best option. They are readily available, and if bought in bulk, they cost minimal. The feather décor is a very in trend lately. Hanging them with flowers or adding them to the centrepieces can give an exquisite, expensive look inexpensively.
  7. Food is always the best option for anything and everything. You can use the food and drinks only like candy jar, fruits etc. to decorate the tables. They may not sound inexpensive but, buying fruits in bulk can be very cheap and also all this investment can be included the food part and be consumed by the guests. The added cheese, fruits can give a very organic feel in much less price.
  8. Candles are personally my favourite. They can add beauty to anything and everything. Buying real long candles are relatively inexpensive and can create a beautiful ambience for your event. The candles can bring in a fantastic glow to your event. Therefore, candles are the must.
  9. Use a lot of fabric. Buying various table clothes and runners can be very expensive, however, if you purchase multi-coloured clothes from various cloth shops. This can save up a lot of money can bring in very elegant or funky look as desired.
  10. Use chalkboards. Yes, chalkboards are one amazing option for decorating the menu, title, table numbers and many other things. You can add a cute, elegant look this way and keep a board for guests to leave messages for you. All this can give a new look to your wedding.


Weddings receptions can be made super expensive and super cheap based on your preferences, and if you use little tips, then you cheaply have a right elegant wedding, which is definitely the best option. You can explore your own creativity or search up online for these creative ideas which are also inexpensive.

Above are the top ten ways which can you can look at when planning a fantastic wedding event in a limited budget. Apart from these techniques, the venue you select also contributes much to saving or spending.