A wedding anniversary is special in so many ways but most of all, it is an opportunity to rekindle the bond you share with your better half and what can be better than celebrating it with family and friends. A perfect wedding anniversary celebration begins with a wedding anniversary cake worthy of the natural bond that your marriage represents. The cake is not only one of the most delicious parts of the menu, but it’s also the highlight of your decoration. So here are eight unique cake ideas which will ensure that the cake for your wedding anniversary lives up to the occasion.

Macaron cake:

Macarons have been in trend since forever and don’t seem like going anywhere. So, how about a whole wedding cake made entirely of macarons? Colourful macarons will not only appeal to your sweet buds but will also lend a vibrant and beautiful look to the cake, so much so that even without a wedding anniversary, you would want it!

Classic flower cake:

Regardless of the occasion, flowers are always a hit, besides, no wedding is complete without flowers. So why not bring some of that romantic vibe into your wedding anniversary cake? A cake designed like a bouquet of flowers will be a great way of doing that.

Wife and husband cake:

A cake with the initials of the wife and husband have been quite a popular choice for a wedding anniversary cake. Some people give up the idea thinking it would look childish, but it is not a bad idea to look like a teenager in love sometimes, especially when it comes to celebrating your wedding anniversary.

Dolls cake:

Dolls representing the husband and the wife placed over the anniversary cake are a great way of showcasing the love in your marriage. You can either go with regular husband-wife dolls or can go for figurines inspired by popular love tales.

A personalised message cake:

Words are always a great way of expressing an emotion. A personalised message laced with love will not only add a personal touch to the anniversary cake but will also appeal to the heart of your beau.

Anniversary photo cake:

Photos are worth a thousand words and a memorable photo cake will be the perfect way of saying ‘I love you’ to your life partner.

Love motif inspired cake:

Love motifs like hearts, kisses with red or pink accents have been used to express endearment since time immemorial. So, a heart-shaped cake or a cake with love motifs placed over it will also be an excellent option for your wedding anniversary.

Cards cake:

A queen of hearts and a king of hearts will not only add a regal charm to your wedding anniversary cake, but also the choice of cards will be apt to the occasion.

A wedding anniversary is always a special occasion, and nothing should come in the way of celebrating this union of love and togetherness. These cake ideas are simple to make, yet lend an extra appeal to your anniversary cake. Bake them at home or order online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Happy anniversary!