You are not alone if you run an automotive repair center and want to get the most from each day you spend on the job. Mechanics from all backgrounds strive to push their results to the next level but need to know how.
If you have been searching for a way to boost productivity and enhance your bottom line, you have come to the right place. Tekmetric is a digital vehicle inspection software that lets you complete each order sooner than ever before, and you will be stunned when you explore the benefits you can enjoy. Tekmetric even gives your customers a variety of gifts they will love.


Although you are likely interested in Tekmetric because it offers digital vehicle inspections that save you time and money, the software does much more. It lets you enter repair jobs, generates estimates within minutes, and even includes the amount you charge in labor.

The ability to create estimates with the touch of a button does wonders for your bottom line. If you own more than one shop, you can manage them all from your control panel, and you will see the number of repair jobs in the lineup and how much progress your team is making. Tekmetric grants you the ability to craft customer profiles so that you can look up repair history in seconds.

Enhanced Profit

You probably became a repair shop owner because you enjoy working on vehicles and keeping them at their best, but you are also in business to earn a profit. By saving time on estimates and looking up customer information instantly, you have that much more time for repairing vehicles or managing your shop.

Saving time is one of the top ways to boost your earning potential to new heights. Tekmetric is a fantastic solution when increasing your profit is your mission. Tekmetric is a fantastic solution when increasing your profit is your mission. When the system generates an estimate, it will also reveal how much profit the job can offer if you accept it.

Improved Customer Experience

If you are serious about giving your customers a positive experience each time they interact with you, consider the advantages of using Tekmetric. Your customers want to get into your shop and back out without unnecessary delays, and they want you to finish the repair promptly.

This software lets you look up a customer's profile and know what work you have already done on the vehicle. You can also inform your customers when they need to bring their car or truck into the shop for routine maintenance. Your customers will be happy to discover you strive to give them the best possible experience when they walk through your doors.

Boosted Productivity

Organizing your documents is a powerful move when looking for ways to increase your team's productivity. In addition to boosting your productivity, you can also enhance that of your team. Tekmetric organizes your files and records for easy access, and your team will no longer need to search through file cabinets to find the required Thoughts

No matter the size of your repair center, you can experience the benefits of Tekmetric and let your business enjoy long-term rewards. The software will take you far if your goal is to increase your productivity and get more work done daily.

You will provide fast turnover to your customers and show them you care about their needs. This digital vehicle inspection software can reduce the stress of your daily operations and take your business to where you have always wanted it.