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Chain Wallets: When Your Style Matters

Chain wallets as we know them today appeared in the 1950s in the USA on the heels of the biker culture boom. At that time, credit cards were not yet widespread so many motorcyclists had to carry plump wallets full of cash with them. These wallets rested in the back pocket of their jeans, which caused a lot of inconveniences when bikers returned to the saddles of their steel horses. In addition, the vibration of a motorcycle during a ride could simply push a wallet out of a pocket and it would be lost forever. Pickpocketing happened quite often as well, so bikers were looking for a simple yet effective way to protect their property from loss and theft. This is how chain wallets came into use. In fact, those are two products in one - a leather wallet and a metal chain with two clasps on both ends to be attached to a wallet and affixed to the belt loop.

How Did They Become Popular?

At first, chain wallets had only a utilitarian function - to prevent a wallet loss. However, bikers quickly realized that chains are also eye-catching items that can be employed as accessories. In an attempt to match their burly owners, wallet chains became more massive, long, and commanding.

However, a real breakthrough happened when punks spotted chains. These extraordinary people love hard-core accessories and bulky chains became the perfect complement to their bold image. In punks’ interpretation, chains became even more imposing. They started rocking several chains at once and it was extra cool when chains made a characteristic jingle when walking. Gradually, chains had been stealing the show and it was not important whether they were attached to a wallet or not. Many other subcultures like grunge or Emo also experimented with chains.

The fashion for certain music genres comes and goes but chain wallets still remain in demand among people who value practicality.

Chain Wallets in the XXI Century

Today, you can find a huge range of chain wallets to match any style, need, and budget. Upscale wallets are made of genuine leather that is easy to take care of and unprecedentedly durable. There are so many striking designs that you may even face an embarrassment of riches: simple compact wallets of smooth leather, products that are embossed with tattoos in Western, tribal, biker or rocker styles, models featuring embroidery, metal rivets, inlays of various types of leather, products with a retro vibe, etc.

It is impossible to describe all the wealth of choice when it comes to chain wallets but you can simply take a glance the inventory here As for chains, a popular choice is metal chains made of steel and silver. If you want to add some country detail to your image, you can go for a leather chain.

If you are looking for an interesting bite to enhance your everyday look and give you the desired peace of mind at the same time, a chain wallet is exactly what you need. Get all eyes on your stylish appearance and not on your wallet.

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