Tekmetric Digital Vehicle Inspection

For auto shop owners, time is money when figuring out what is wrong with a vehicle, getting it repaired, and getting the vehicle's owner back behind the wheel and on the road. As new and innovative technology has found its way into the auto repair field, digital vehicle inspection is one of the most popular aspects. The latest in state-of-the-art auto shop software, Tekmetric, can help shop owners manage many aspects of digital vehicle inspection and other tasks. If you are an auto shop owner ready to see your shop become more productive and profitable, here are some advantages of using Tekmetric for digital vehicle inspections.

Customized Inspections 

When using Tekmetric, one of the most significant advantages is being able to customize inspections based on the type of vehicle and any concerns the customer has expressed about certain repairs that may be needed. By relying on Tekmetric, once auto technicians determine what repairs a car will need, they can use the software to document their findings much quicker. Also they can take photos of the vehicle areas needing repair, then upload those photos. In doing so, the images can be sent to customers via mobile devices, allowing them to know precisely what is happening with their vehicle.

Quicker Customer Service 

Using Tekmetric software to conduct digital vehicle inspections, an auto repair shop can provide much more efficient customer service. Since the software can create customer profiles, shop owners can view past vehicle repair orders, detailing if and when certain repairs were made. Also, repair orders and status updates can be sent to customers in a matter of minutes, letting them know when their vehicles will be ready for pick-up.

Protected Customer Data In today's world, data breaches are becoming increasingly familiar to many businesses. To prevent this, Tekmetric software is designed to keep all customer data encrypted through state-of-the-art technology, and only customer data is shared if a customer grants permission to do so. Thus, when a digital vehicle inspection is conducted and the data entered into your shop's computer system, it is guaranteed to safe and secure.

Improved Workflow As 

Tekmetric has helped define how today's modern auto shop owners run their businesses; one of the best aspects of the software has been an improved and more productive workflow in shops big and small. And for shop owners with multiple locations, Tekmetric is an all-in-one platform from which operations at all shops can be managed. As long as a shop owner has an internet connection, they can access data no matter where they happen to be. And best of all, using Tekmetric software means no data backups are needed, nor is any expensive server hardware.

Keeping Customer Informed 

Since many customers drop off their vehicles for inspections or repairs, keeping them informed is critical to excellent customer service. By using Tekmetric, this is made much more straightforward and effective. Along with sending status updates of repairs, a shop can email customers cost estimates or invoices in seconds. With this feature, not only can shop owners keep the inspection and repair process going smoothly and quickly, but customers can also make quick decisions regarding repairs or additional costs.

With numerous advantages for auto shop owners and their customers, Tekmetric software can make the digital vehicle inspection process and other repairs much more efficient and convenient for everyone.