There are many reasons why a couple may find themselves in a long-distance relationship. Whatever the cause, you find yourself too many miles away from someone you have become very fond of.

Many people discourage long-distance relationships, saying they never work out. We all know that this type of relationship can be challenging, and each person mustke some adjustments. We also know that these relationships just don’t work out sometimes. However, I have some breaking news: sometimes, local relationships can be challenging and require each person to adjust, and sometimes they don’t work out. So I don’t think the question is, can it work. I guess the question is- do both of you want it to work? Do both of you feel that there is something between you worth holding on to? If the answer to these questions is yes, then the following tips from a relationship coach and co-founder of the Loveawake dating service - Alex Wise, will help you keep what you have found in each other even though you are many miles apart.

1. Be Clear on What You Expect From the Relationship

Alex says, “It is important to ensure that each of you has the same goals concerning the relationship.” Are you planning on building a future together, or are you just interested in keeping in touch and maintaining what you have for now? Understanding each other’s goals will help prevent hurt feelings in the future.

2. Make Use of Technology

Alex explains that one thing long-distance relationships have now that they didn’t have 20 years ago is the availability of many communication methods. Cell phones make calling more convenient and more accessible. Use E-mail, webcams, social media, and any other technology that makes communication more accessible and more fun.

3. Make Yourself Available

One important thing in relationships is knowing that the other person is there to talk to when you have a problem or a bad day. Try to be available as much as possible.

4. Share New Experiences

While it is fun to share everyday experiences, it is also exciting to share unique experiences that you have had living in a different state or city. This is one of the advantages of a long-distance relationship. It also helps the other person to feel more connected to you.

5. Make Holidays Extra Special

One of the most challenging times for long-distance relationships is when you can’t spend the holidays with that person. Try to communicate often during this time, and maybe send several gifts separately instead of one.

6. Plan Actual Visits

After all the e-mails, phone calls, and text messages, nothing beats being there physically. Make every effort to actually see each other when possible. Sometimes, this is not possible or practical, but try to do it whenever possible.

7. Don’t Let Jealousy Overwhelm You

Jealousy is a natural feeling when you care about someone. If these feelings arise in you or the other person, don’t be surprised or angered. You should acknowledge these feelings and do what you can to put the other person at ease about the relationship.

8. Surprise Each Other

Sending gifts on holidays or birthdays is excellent and always appreciated. However, when that particular person in your life sends you a gift “just because,” it makes it even more special. So, occasionally send a “just because of” gift or an E-card.

9. Make the Most of Each Communication

Communication is valuable in a long-distance relationship, so don’t waste it. There may be times when you have to discuss things that may not be pleasant but don’t let that subject dominate the conversation; always end the conversation with positive words.

10. Talk to Others Who Have Long Distance Relationships

Talking to people who have made long-distance dating successful is a good idea. They can give you some ideas about how to make it work. Also, it helps to discuss this subject with someone familiar.

While dating someone who lives close by is usually preferred, there are some benefits to long-distance dating. Remember that old saying - “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Make the best of the situation; remember, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Circumstances can change and may bring both of you closer together again. If you can make a long-distance relationship work, it shows that the relationship is strong enough to overcome obstacles and has the potential for a good, long-lasting relationship.