It is an ever-growing trend to get married somewhere other than your home place. Something is exciting in packing the suitcase for a trip and saying “I do” under a different sky. Furthermore, destination weddings are a perfect way to start a new chapter in a couples’ life and create marvellous memories.

If you want to create a fantastic experience for you and your guests, take into consideration their top wedding destinations for 2024. Each one of them will have the whole wedding party squealing with glee.


The vibrant city of Marrakech in Morocco has attracted a lot of attention to celebrity weddings in recent years. This is the place that is perfect for couples who seek a bohemian destination with vibrant colours. The architecture is ideal for wedding photography and will give a romantic vibe to the ceremony.

When it comes to cuisine, this is the country that will open up your sense of taste with exquisite meals based on olive oil and fresh produces. The venue offer ranges from rural to modern but everywhere is a Moroccan design that is marked by terra-cotta pink and turquoise shades.

Dominican Republic

Land of palms and sunny beaches, the Dominican Republic, has been a popular honeymoon destination for years. Now, it has been upgraded to a favourite wedding destination and offers an unforgettable adventure for the whole wedding party. This Caribbean country is full of spa resorts, as well as indoor and outdoor venues that are perfect for couples to get wed.

Villas at the Tortuga Bay are perfect for luxurious and elegant weddings while you can also have the ceremony at one of the waterfalls or on a private island. You can hire catering services that use ingredients from the local farms in Punta Cana, and Dominicana is already famous for its cocktails like a caipirinha.


If you ever wanted to get married in the castle or on a cliff overlooking the green hills and aquamarine lakes, then Ireland should be the wedding destination of choice. This is the land of the most excellent whiskey in the world and of course Guinness beer, but also the warm and welcoming people. If you genuinely want to have a fantastic experience, choose one of the islands like Emerald Isle to get married.

Ireland has beautiful landscapes which are perfect for exploring so your wedding party will definitely have fun staying here. Your wedding may lack sunny weather but beautiful nature and rich culture compensate for that, and you will still have a romantic wedding ceremony among the loved ones.


The Indonesian island of Bali is the favourite destination for couples in general since it's serene and full of romantic landscapes. But the wide range of its tourist offer also attracted a lot of wedding parties here, and now it is one of the most popular destinations to say "I dos". Although Bali may be far, it has an impressive network of wedding organisers like Your Bali Wedding planner that will have everything ready before you arrive.

You will find whatever type of accommodations you need, from modest to five-star resorts which will help you stay within the budget. This is the place with the most amazing sunsets in the world, so a Bali beach wedding in the evening is the ultimate romantic detail to have during the ceremony.


Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in the USA during all seasons. However, if you are looking for a winter wedding destination then going to the Rocky Mountains to say “I dos” your place. Colorado is full of hot springs, great slopes for winter sports and landscapes that will be a perfect background for wedding photography.

Cottages and mountain retreats offer a diverse choice of accommodation, and there is something for everyone at your wedding party. With a rich offer of catering services and venues for the ceremony, your only problem will be to decide what you want. However, Denver is very close so if you're going to get married in an urban setting and then have your honeymoon in the mountains – it's an option.


No matter which one of the presented top wedding destinations in 2024 you choose, they will make the ceremony special and unique. After all, having your loved ones with you in one of the most exciting moments in your life is priceless, and these destinations will make it even more special.