Travelling is a fantastic experience that has so much to offer. When you go you don’t only expand your cultural awareness and knowledge, but you develop a great set of skills that are extremely important to live a balanced life.

To travel means to challenge yourself because being on the move takes you out of your comfort zone and places you in an unknown environment in which you must live for some time. As well, being in a place where no one knows you allows you to genuinely be yourself – to free your true self.

With no further ado, in today’s post, we’re presenting you our top 10 reasons why travelling can vastly develop your personality. Here we go:

It Gets You Out of Your Comfort Zone

As I said, travelling forces you to get out of your comfort zone. It takes you from the comfort of your cosy home and neighbourhood and places you into an environment that is entirely new to you, where you don’t know anybody and anything that surrounds you.

The thought that you could get lost in a place that you don’t know is quite scary, isn’t it? Personally, I think it’s quite unusual as it forces us to deal with diverse, challenging situations.

It Improves Your Time Management Skills

Time management is a crucial skill to have in life, as it’ll help you succeed faster in any field. Unfortunately, many of us lack this skill. Fortunately, through travelling, we can seriously improve our time management skills.

Throughout a trip, you’re going to need this skill dozens of times. From arriving on time at the airport, bus stations, museum expositions, meal time, and any activity that requires a guide, to balancing lifestyle and trip.

As Mark Stevens, HR manager at, stated, “After just a few trips, you’ll manage to master time management skills, aspect that will truly come in very handy in everything you do.”

It Builds Your Confidence

Travelling is one of the best ways to give a significant boost to your self-esteem, especially the first time you travel alone. Just imagine yourself apart, exploring a new country far away from everything and everyone you know.

Once you realise how many things you’re able to do by yourself and how quickly you can adjust to a new environment, it’s impossible not to increase your confidence.

It Improves Your Organizational and Planning Skills

Who travels without having a well-organised schedule and a well-defined roadmap with the touristic objectives he must see? Maybe the ones who are going somewhere exclusively to relax and not to visit.

The point is that to make the best out of your trip, you must have excellent organisational skills. And are there better ways to master your organisational and planning skills than by travelling more? Quite a few I’d say.

It Improves Your Social Skills

It’s almost impossible to go to a foreign country without having to ask a local where a particular place is. It’s not a big deal actually, as nearly everyone is friendly with the tourists, but things can get trickier if the local doesn’t understand English and you don’t understand his native language.

As Thomas Green, HR manager at this company, related, “During my trip to Spain, my body language skills were really challenged as the locals I encountered barely understood English.”

It Helps You Become More Tolerant and Open-Minded

Curious, most of us tend to fear the things we don’t know. The more you travel and get to know other cultures, environments, and traditions better, the less you’ll fear the unknown.

Even talking to strangers will seem reasonable to you, as it should be actually. In other words, travelling teaches us to open up to the world and become more tolerant of the beliefs and habits of others.

It Improves Your Language Skills

Committed travellers are usually multilingual, if not, they at least have English at their fingertips. Anyway, we are curious beings, so it’s almost impossible not to learn at least a few words in the native language of the citizens of the place we’re visiting.

On the other hand, it can really improve your English if you’re not a native speaker. As Jaden Brooks, HR manager at Scholar Advisor, stated, “There’s no better way to challenge your skills than socialising with a native speaker.”

It Helps You Discover Yourself

My personal favourite part about travelling is that it can really help us discover ourselves. Just think about it for a bit. You’re all alone, in a single small place from this big world, where you’re a total stranger to everyone.

You can be who you really are as no one’s going to talk about it tomorrow at school or work, so no social pressure. Travelling sets your true self free.

It Improves Your Problem Solving Skills

Most of the times, when we travel, we deal with problems that we have never faced before. In those moments, when we are far from everything we know, our mind instinctively comes up with great solutions. Like when you get lost you instinctively know what to do, what landmarks to look for, and who to ask for guidance.

It Makes You More Interesting

I know it sounds a bit strange, but it’s very real. Travelling makes you a more interesting person. I mean all the places you’ve seen, all the things you’ve learned, and all the experiences you’ve had add up to who you are in this very moment. Travelling is a part of you. Therefore, it makes you and your stories much more interesting than someone who never left his country.


There’s more to travelling than you can even imagine and these are only 10 reasons why. Travelling merely is life-changing, as with each trip you make you learn something new about other cultures, about yourself, and about things you didn’t know to exist.

Travelling is a unique experience that can give you a dozen lessons. Therefore, you can never travel too much. You have only one life to live, so make sure you don’t waste your time and get to know yourself by exploring this beautiful world.

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