They say, “Life is hard.” Nowadays, this saying should be edited to fit more aptly to the lifestyle of a metro city, being, “life is hectic”. Life is not walking at a fast pace, it's literally running and time has become the most essential asset of today. It is already hard enough to find ample time for family let alone run errands on weekends.

Since time and love for the family is at stake here, the dynamic city of Bangalore has come up with quite convenient delivery services that offer more than food. You just have to visit the website or app, and your work will be done within a few hours without going out and facing the hassle of traffic jam too.

1. 1mg

This leading delivery portal will get your medicines to deliver at your doorstep on the same day. All you need to do is to log in the app, upload the photo of doctor’s prescription and voila! Your work is done. The medicines will be delivered within a few hours at the provided address.

2. FlowerAura

Need to send someone good wishes along with cakes and flowers on the very same day, but you don’t want to search an apt bakery in the market? FlowerAura is to the rescue. A wide array of cakes, flowers and gifts are available on the website. Choose your favourite options from the site and send it along the way of your loved one. Try cake delivery in Bangalore from FlowerAura to make their occasion a memorable one.

3. Zopper

Wish to buy an electronic item but don’t want to go out in the market or wait till your bulky order arrives during weekdays? Zopper makes life easy that way. Just order the electronic item you want to buy and Zopper will pick it up and deliver it to you at your doorstep.

4. Pickrr

Pickrr delivers the items within 3 options of period: 90 minutes, 4-5 hours or 24 hours. Just choose the thing you wish to provide at an address. They will pick, pack and deliver the packet under the chosen delivery slot. Delivery charges are dependent on the weight of the package and the delivery slot selected.

5. Swiggy

Already quite a popular food delivery service, this one comes with the live tracking of delivery boys. One can track the order right from the restaurant kitchen until the delivery at the provided address. With a minimum delivery fee, tasty food will be delivered at the earliest.

Life is too short to waste it on doing chores. The weekend is meant to take time for yourself or family and friends. For everything else, there are these delivery services to make your life commodious. Have fun this weekend!