Are you travelling to Singapore with kids? Check out these tips and must-see places to make the vacation memorable and fun for everyone.

Let’s face one harsh reality: we all are corporate slaves today. We are stuck so inextricably to the mundane home-to-work-and-back clock that we are only surviving, not living.

The same is the case with our kids, who are always bogged down with school assignments and extra-curricular activities. As such, all your body and soul craves for is some time off this hectic schedule. Perhaps a getaway that provides some recluse to repose would be perfect.

There’s no dearth of kid-friendly destinations in Asia, but Singapore is a heart-stealer here if you are planning to go for a family trip to Singapore. The island city is the perfect family getaway that provides numerous accommodation options, comfortable weather conditions, and pocket-friendly city tours.

Tips for making your Singaporean holiday memorable and hassle-free

If you are travelling to Singapore with kids, you can get the best out of your holiday by following the tips below:

Book early

Tourists from different countries go to Singapore owing to its glittery urbanscape and diverse mix of adventures. As such, it’s a smart move to be an early bird and reserve your hotel room and tickets at the earliest. Booking your flight tickets and accommodation early comes with the perk of attractive discounts.

Be wise when you book hotels

Singapore’s accommodation options cater to both luxury and budget travellers. But not every hotel is suited well for families with kids. If you are travelling to Singapore with kids, it would be smart to book accommodation close to local attractions or MRT stations that provide easy access to them.

Have a checklist of attractions

Singapore is a kid-friendly destination, but it beckons people of all ages to experience its lively aura. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything special, you should research all the popular attractions in the city and list them down. Having a list of places also makes it easier to plan your daily itineraries.

Buy a tourist pass

The MRT connectivity makes touring around the city a breeze, but having a Singapore Tourist Pass would be perfect. You can take the unlimited bus as well as train rides with this pass, which is valid for one to three days. You can get it at TransitLink Ticket Offices, Changi Airport or online.

Pack smartly

Singapore can get hot and humid at times. So it’s smart to carry comfortable clothing both for yourself and your kids. Also, you should take a water bottle wherever you go. The city’s water undergoes a thorough purification process. So you can refill your water bottle wherever you get a chance.

Choose kid-friendly restaurants

If your little one is a little fussy about food, then worry not. Singapore’s culinary spread is suited to travellers of all age groups. Most eateries in Singapore provide kids-friendly dining opportunities. Make sure you look out for eateries that add free dining for little ones with an adult main course.

Head to the malls

You may be aware that shopping with toddlers or young kids isn’t a picnic. But Singapore simplifies it to some extent with its well-equipped shopping malls. Malls in Singapore are equipped with kiddy cabs, nappy-changing stations, and everything else you need for a hassle-free experience.

Know the entry rates

Not all attractions in Singapore are free to enter. Some Singaporean destinations charge a fee for entry. But those that charge also provide special rates for kids. You should make the most of these tickets to bring your cost down by a considerable extent.

Places to see while travelling to Singapore with kids

When going to Singapore with kids, you may be wondering about the things you can do here. If the plethora of choices is confusing you, here are a few picks of kids-friendly Singaporean attractions:

Chek Jawa Wetlands, Pulau Ubin

What to do:

Go biking along the trails and witness the refreshing expanse of mangroves or spot a wild boar.
  • Indulge in farming and fishing activities with villagers here to educate your kids about the rustic lifestyle.
  • Visit the waterfront restaurants to treat everyone with some delicious seafood.
  • Where: This place is located ten minutes from Changi Village by boat.

Singapore Zoo

What to do:

  • Watch entertaining wildlife shows, and Splash Safari put up by orangutans, white tigers, and elephants.
  • Take part in animal feeding sessions held throughout the day.
  • Indulge in a jungle-breakfast experience and shop for local souvenirs at the shops here. 
  • Where: 80 Mandai Lake Road.

Marina Bay

What to do:

  • Visit Gardens by the Bay to check out the light and sound show at the SuperTree Grove.
  • Visit the Art Science Museum, open daily between 10 am to 10 pm, to give your kids an idea of all things historical and creative in the city.
  • Go to Singapore Flyer to witness a mesmerising view of Singapore’s skyline.
  • There are many more kids-friendly destinations in Singapore. All these places provide an ideal setting for people of all age groups to enjoy and have a memorable vacation.