There are various ranges of Scott mountain bikes available in the market. From the amateurs to experts, Scott has a bike available for you according to your needs. If there is any bike on the market which can cater to the urge of any biker, it’s Scott bikes.

You can easily differentiate between the Scott bikes as they have different number based codes for every model. But what model you should go for?

Here is the List of Scott mountain Bikes from where you can choose according to your preference:

Scott Aspect:

If you are a beginner and you want to start using a bike, you can go for Scott aspect. Every model of the Scott is made from the same quality of aluminium and the suspension mechanism. As you go for higher models of the Scott bikes, only the components will change, but the quality will remain the same. The Scott has categorised the Aspect model as a ‘Sports Bike.’ With solid geometry, this bike is made for the off-road riding combined with a comfortable positioning.

Scott Scale:

For Scott scale, there are two sections for different ranges of models, Scale and Scale RC. Rather than using in playing at the parks, these are more of cross country riding bikes. Made with carbon frames, the Scale RC is only used for XC racing whereas the standard scale can be used for lot more. The size of the wheel and the structure is the same for both the ranges. The females mostly prefer this model. 

Scott Full Suspension Mountain Bikes:

In suspension innovation, Scott bikes have been the top most contender. It has five types of full suspension mountain bikes which are Spark, Spark RC, Voltage, Genius, and Gambler. Every bike has been given different travel settings for climbing and descending. 

Scott spark RC:

If we compare spark RC to other XC bikes, this is more friendly and a more versatile bike. Made from the aluminium frame, it is different from the rest of the models for somewhat more extended travel. Moreover, this model was made for the world champ Nino Schurter.

Scott Spark:

Thanks to its multiple choices, Scott spark is the most popular category. Due to its versatility, it can be put to use for riding marathon racing to trail centre red run smashing. It also consists of four contessa models covering both the styles.

Scott genius:

The Scott Genius is available in both 27.5” plus 29er size just like the spark. The frame of both the models is quite the same. Some fantastic features of the Genius include a full lockout, travel drop from 150 mm to 100 mm and the twinlock system. These features add versatility to the nature of the bike. Scott genius has two models made just for females from a total of eight aluminium framed models.

Scott voltage:

It is a type of the bike which can ride down from the most significant terrain to smashing in the park. The riders who like these kinds of riding can opt for these bikes. There are only two models available for this category. The feature of coil sprung rear suspension is included in both the models. It runs between 170-190 mm of travel.

You can make your choice according to your level and make a selection from these Scott mountain bikes. It could be that you are interested in various other ranges of bikes that you may like, you can always go for Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes of 2018, which have new models and varied choices.