Pollutants are necessarily contaminants that are bound to affect the people coming into contact with it in some manner or the other. The children are more vulnerable to the effects of the extraneous substances as they tend to be at a much susceptible stage of their lives. According to Pristine Water Softeners, a key factor here has to be the somewhat subjective nature of the effects the pollutants have on each individual and child. That is, there is no definite conclusion as to how the polluting agents can affect each person, and it has to be approached on a case to case basis.

Some children, due to their very make up, tend to be somewhat accustomed to foreign substances, while others tend to be quickly affected by these agents. This is why it is necessary to pay heed to the issue of air pollution with regards to its effect on children as it can bring about some powerful results most of the time.

Effect of air pollution on the lungs

The lungs could be the first point of contact for pollutants present in the air. This is why it is necessary to understand the effects of air pollution by starting out at the lungs too. Studies conducted over the years in adults who have been exposed to high levels of air pollution from early on in their lives, it is seen that the capacity of the lungs keeps getting reduced with time. This means that the person tends to get easily breathless and often tired, even with the least bit of exertion.

With children, if the contaminants in the air could be controlled enough, with the active use of the room air purifier, it would be possible to reduce the damage to a fair extent. Since the lungs of the children are at the start of the development, they tend to get easily damaged as well. The adults would have acquired certain hardness in their lungs, which would not be the case in children.

How a depleted lung function affects the child

When the lungs cannot perform to its full capacity and capability, then it would follow that the other faculties are affected in some way or the other too. Moreover, the pollutants making their entry at the lungs tend to be carried to other parts of the child's body with the assimilation of oxygen and its processing.

Children with lungs that are severely affected by air pollution tend to get tired quickly and seem to lack energy in their daily activities. A critical factor in the rectification of the situation using room air purifier is the need to use the product as early as possible in the lives of the young children. Often any severe damage to the structure of the lungs and associated body parts are not reversible. Thus the damage done could well be permanent in nature.

Effect of air pollution on the children's skin

The word skin is collectively used to speak of the bare skin and the hair that is attached to the outer surface as well. Most children are fond of playing in the outdoors and more to be involved in some kind of outdoor activity. When there are high levels of air pollution, the skin tends to be an area that gets to be in constant contact with the contaminants in the air. If there is a high moisture level in the atmosphere, then the contributing factor to skin issues would be particularly acute. Using a room air purifier in this situation would not help much as the pollution issues come into the picture only when someone leaves the confines of the homes.

Additionally, air pollution can have potent effects on the hair of the children. The mild acidic solution that air pollutants form when brought in contact with moisture contributes to changes in the color and texture of the nose. This can be particularly a distressing factor for the children as well as the parents.

How polluted drinking water affects the child

Just as important as the air we breathe is the quality of water that people get to drink. Air pollution is a significant contributor to pollution levels in the water bodies and thus a route of contamination for the children and adults alike. But like the levels of air pollution, the contaminated water can be treated to satisfactory levels by using the appropriate filtering and clearing methods for the water.

As with handling air pollution, it is necessary to make a concerted attempt to treat the contaminated water as well. Modern technology has introduced some very affordable filtering units that like the room air purifier, can provide clean water sources to use at home too.