Whether you recently got engaged or are in the deep throes of planning, you should familiarise yourself with an endless to-do list that keeps creeping up on you before the wedding. If you are overwhelmed, you are in good company. Wedding planning might be the most exciting thing anyone can experience but comes with some stress. The best advice for brides that pass is to focus on the crucial things.

To help streamline the list of responsibilities, here are some things woman should do before her wedding day.

Get the health in c.heck

Most of the time, planning a wedding is stressful. You must balance work and social commitments with the vast responsibility that takes nearly all the time. Because of the energy and time required, putting other crucial aspects of life, such as health, on a back burner can be easy. You shouldn't fall into this trap at all. You should schedule an annual checkup before starting the process of planning a wedding. This helps in staying the healthiest through the stressful process. Plus, knowing all possible health issues and discussing them with your partner before marriage is crucial.

If there is any family history of some diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, or any problems with fertility, these are the things that your future spouse should know and discuss with you.

Reduce stress

Stress has always been linked to a person's overall health. When the stress levels are high, the body releases the hormone cortisol. This, in turn, weakens the body's immune system and reduces the ability to ward off illness. If you want to prevent this, it is recommended to schedule weekly stress-reducing exercises such as massage, acupuncture, and yoga into your calendars.

Find an exercise routine you love

Everyone knows how crucial exercise is for the well-being and health of a person, but we find it hard to create time to exercise while planning for a wedding. Try not to avoid this critical aspect of life. You should find one if you still need to figure out the use you love. You need to start somewhere since exercise will keep stress levels to a minimum, boost endorphin levels, and help tone up before the wedding.

Keep a daily jou.rnal

A journey before a wedding day can be overwhelming to anyone. For this reason, it's recommended to keep a journal to track every process and feelings throughout the process and ensure that you remember what matters most. You can treasure a wedding journal, and maybe one day, you can share it with your daughter months before her wedding.

Have a plan for after the wed.ding

Getting caught up in the wedding planning process is easy, and most people forget that life will continue after the wedding. This can leave some people with post-wedding blues. It's recommended that things should be in perspective. A wedding lasts only for a day, but marriage is a lifetime. Planning a trip a few months after the honeymoon or making other plans for after marriage will help eliminate the feeling of being aimless after enough sleep.
This is crucial since you want to feel as energetic and rested as possible on the big day. Sleep keeps your immune system strong and reduces the chances of getting any virus that could make you sick on the big day. You will wake up refreshed.

Learn to love yours self

If you are your most prominent critic, you must reconsider how to communicate with yourself. You will need to do some soul-searching before the wedding. Take a day and listen to how you talk to yourself. Do you pick yourself up or put yourself down? While learning to love yourself might be a life-long journey, starting the process before the wedding is crucial. This helps you discover who you are, your interests, and everything that makes you happy.

Plan a hen's party.

Planning for the best Hens nights depends on many things. It can even be a male or female stripper to add more entertainment. You must decide on the number of nights, budget, theme, location, accommodation, and other factors. This helps in enjoying and relaxing the mind before the wedding.

Sign up for premarital counseling.

These words sound intimidating when you are about to get married, but experts recommend that engaged folks seek assistance from marriage counseling professionals.

Some couples view marriage therapy as for those with troubled marriages, but happy couples see it as a required regular turn-up for a few times a year to grow and have the best wedding. If you address possible issues before they get out of control, you will likely have the marriage you want. This helps in avoiding divorce and separation.