Buying a new mattress is a crucial decision, especially since you spend a substantial amount of time on it. With the recent surge in the number of online mattress companies, it has become much easier to get a new mattress.

Online mattress companies provide various types of mattresses without the hassle of costly retail markups and salespeople. These are companies that have created a revolution within the industry through extensive trial periods, a transparent buying process and personalised customer service. Customer satisfaction rates for retail and online mattresses are comparable.

Mattresses Available Online

Different types of mattresses are available for people who shop online. In some cases, shopping online provides more options than conventional retail stores. Latex mattresses, for example, are usually more available online along with customised mattresses such as airbeds.

Stores usually have a wide selection of traditional innerspring beds. Incorporating foams typically differentiate the brands that sell innerspring mattresses online. The ones that are sold online often do this to enhance comfort.

Types of Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are a traditional and popular option. They consist of a core of steel coil support and foam comfort layer. They are bouncy and offer superior edge support.
  • Memory foam mattresses last longer than innerspring options and conform adequately to the body. 
  • Hybrid mattresses contain multiple layers of latex foam or foam on top for comfort. They also contour to the body like memory foam mattresses 
  • Latex mattresses contain organic latex foam that is derived from rubber trees. These types of mattresses offer a rounded contour for the body as well as bounce.
  • Airbeds features an air chamber and foam comfort layers. They allow people to customise their level of firmness through an air pump. Click here for Big Fig coupons


The prices of mattresses vary. Generally, high-quality materials are used, and shopping online may be more affordable than in-store options. Airbed and latex models are typically more costly than foam and innerspring mattresses.


Just like the sales that are offered by retail stores on various holidays, many online retailers also give discounts. You may also be able to get an extra discount when you use an affiliate link or promo code.

Promo codes refer to discount systems provided by mattress companies and a variety of marketing channels. Laws can be found by listening to advertisements on podcasts, signing up for email newsletters or following companies on social media platforms.

Affiliate marketing programs are used by companies to increase brand awareness. Individual links or codes can be offered on high traffic sites. These links are often found on favourite blogs or mattress review websites.


Since online companies do not have to deal with the costs of sales commissions or overhead, buying mattresses online can be more affordable than a brick and mortar store.


If you enjoy the convenience of shopping online for other products, you will also enjoy shopping for a new bed via the internet. Online shopping for mattresses makes it easy to compare pricing among different models without being smothered by a salesperson. You can also shop wherever and whenever you want.

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