Health is wealth! And many things play an important part in taking optimum care of our health. Sleep is one of the most critical factors. Doctors and medical experts say that our bodies restore damaged cells and tissues while we sleep. Hence, having a good, comfortable and pleasant night's sleep is imperative. 

However, sometimes despite all attempts to sleep well, we fail. And most of the time, the reason is our mattress in use. Our back and spine need to be in complete rest while we sleep. Only a decent and high-quality mattress can provide that. But in case of the low-quality matters or one that hasn't got customised according to the user's physical requirements, the sleep and rest, both get ruined.

Mattress types to select from

Today, there are several mattress types to choose from. But the four prominent ones are listed below:
  • An open or a continuous coil mattress. It is cost-effective but doesn't offer much regarding durability. The springs of this mattress get woven as one single unit. Hence, any sudden turning and tossing on the bed while sleeping might disturb your partner. 
  • Latex foam mattress. This type of bed is famous for its durability and high-end materials that help in breathing. Hence, it is one of the best choices for people who get allergies and dust mites. The mattress doesn’t get overheated as well. 
  • Memory foam mattress. Such kind of a mattress comes with a memory foam layer. It is useful in taking off the pressure from your joints as you relax in the foam. However, some people might feel a little warmer in this mattress. 
  • Pocket sprung mattress. Simply put, a pocket sprung matters comprises of over 3000 springs that get sewn inside an individual fabric pocket. The bed can get customised with two sides but of varying firmness.

Today, the market has all these four types of mattresses for you to select from and sleep well. And when you are shopping for the same, you can opt-in for the Leesa Mattress Coupon Code and add value to your shopping.

The role of a decent mattress on the human body

Improper sleep and rest often result in irritability and fatigue. And if your sleep gets perturbed because of your choice of mattress, then you need to change it and get one that provides maximum comfort and ease. Here's how a good mattress helps to induce rest, ensure proper mattress that can help you sleep and assists in maintaining a healthy body.

1. You get proper rest

It's not a good sleep and adequate relaxation if your body can't relax and rest well in the mattress on which you sleep. Everything from the mattress structure to the feel plays a role in inducing comfort and ease while you sleep. 

It shouldn't be very soft nor excessively firm. Additionally, for people who suffer from muscle, bone, and joint related issues, should have their mattresses customized based on their bodily comforts and discomforts, so that they can sleep without any perturbations.

2. A decent mattress helps in weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, most people think of diets and intensive workouts. While both are essential, restful sleep is also necessary for shedding your extra pounds. You can maintain a good posture and figure by sleeping on the right mattress. So, don't compromise on a good night's sleep just because your mattress is not up to the mark. 

Based on the studies and research conducted by the University of Chicago, people who used diets and also rested well could shed their excess weight faster than the ones who didn't. Sleep deprivation due to improper mattress contributes to weight gain and insomnia as well.

3.  Helps to enhance your memory power

You gain apt mental awareness, focus and memory control with a good night's sleep. When you are asleep, you improve all your memories or the "practice" skills that you've learned when you were awake. Other than helping you to consolidate memories or enhancing it, the brain also recognizes and restructures the same that in turn result in more creative thinking. Similarly, the lack of sleep takes away the capacity to think out of the box.

4. Improves your overall health

Studies and research highlight that people with fewer hours of sleep often have a series of health issues. It starts from having increased blood levels in the inflammatory proteins than the people who get more and quality sleep. And inflammation is directly related to heart ailments. 

Other health issues that occur from lack of proper sleep include arthritis, diabetes, heart stroke, obesity, breathing problems and also cause premature ageing. Furthermore, improper sleeping habits deplete the body of its nutrients and also result in poor quality skin and hair, which gives a shabby and unimpressive appearance.

5. Good and restful sleep helps you live longer

Stress is the cause of all ailments. And a peaceful and comfortable sleep is what can effectively erase all your fear. Good sleep helps you to have healthy cardiovascular health, and the opposite is also exact. 

Relaxed and restful sleeping can minimise the stress levels, and it will provide a person apt measure of their blood pressure and blood sugar levels as well. Not being able to sleep at night often results in increased blood sugar levels. 

Medical studies and research highlight that people who sleep for less than at least 6 hours a day, often attract a string of bodily discomforts leading to severe diseases soon after. When you sleep well in a comfortable manner, it helps you live longer and contributes to your overall health and well-being. 

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Good sleep is one of the main factors that contribute to our happiness. And when you are happy, you automatically enjoy a healthy body and a healthy mind. Hence, it is essential for us all to make arrangements for a relaxed and restful sleep. 

And it all starts with opting in for the best mattress that provides us with maximum comfort, relaxes our entire back and neck and helps to relax the body entirely while sleeping so that the body can auto-heal and restore itself. Make sure you have a quality bed frame to support your mattress as well. Check out FurnitureStandards for reviews on the very best bed frames.