Innerspring Mattress

Once upon a time (many years ago), when the new mattress started producing, the innerspring mattress climbed to the top of the mattress wish list. Nowadays, after many years of the mattress revolution, we can find a lot of innovative and modern mattresses out there. Though the innerspring mattress is still popular, there are many better options besides that. In 2018, if you even decide to buy a new innerspring mattress, we suggest you think it over again. Why? Why you should think twice before purchasing a new innerspring mattress.

According to a consumer survey report, we learned that many people own innerspring mattresses, and surprisingly, many regret that decision. Many people are now replacing their old innerspring mattresses with the best hybrid mattress or better one. The hybrid mattress is now a popular choice instead of the old innerspring mattress. Actually, a bed lasts for an average of 7-10 years. In that time, another bed can be considered, especially if you find the bed less effective than other types.

You know what, these days, the mattresses also get smarter such as better airflow systems, built-in heating systems, cooling systems, etc. And the innerspring is just a typical old mattress! According to another survey, people are now going to use adjustable beds, and the innerspring mattress doesn’t suit them perfectly. You might hear about cloud mattresses, Nectar mattresses, or purple mattresses. These are some of the modern and innovative mattress types that have changed our concept of mattresses.

On the other hand, where modern mattresses come with excellent protection, innerspring doesn’t. Though you may use the best waterproof mattress protector to protect the bed, it isn’t the perfect solution. Now, come to the satisfaction level of different types of mattresses. From a survey, it has come to light that almost 80% of people are satisfied with their adjustable air bed and mattress.

For the cloud of foam mattress users, the number is around 75%. And the hybrid mattress users are likely 70% satisfied with the hybrid mattress. And for the innerspring, the number is about 65% only. It shows how badly an innerspring mattress can satisfy you completely. And the users of the innerspring mattress are regretting about taking the decision.

We’re not saying that the innerspring mattress serves poorly or isn’t worthy of money. We’re just saying that this traditional mattress can’t beat modern beds because of its innovative features and abilities. If you still want to buy an innerspring mattress, you may have to buy a cooling mattress protector with it to get better service. But it’s just extra spending money. Because some beds still give you built-in cooling protection.

So, now what?
Well, though many modern mattress types are available and take the place of the innerspring mattress, it is still the best choice for some people. This classic and traditional mattress can be found in most houses and has served well for a long time. There are still some people who love innerspring mattresses more than anything else. The innerspring mattress is still one of the best choices for people suffering from pain. The innerspring mattress is still holding its value.

On the bottom line, we just want to tell you that no matter which type of mattress you’re considering, we just want to suggest you think twice before deciding finally, especially when you decide on an innerspring mattress for buying. We also offer you to test the mattress by lying down on it for at least 15 minutes before confirming the purchase. It’ll give you a clear idea about the bed so that you won’t regret the decision later.