As your toddler continues growing, there is a time when he/she will need a pillow to ensure comfort throughout the night. There are different types of toddler pillows that are designed specifically for providing children with a comfortable sleep. However, you need to choose the right pillow that suits the needs of your child. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying organic toddler pillows.

Age of the child

Most parents will ask themselves what the best age is for a toddler to start sleeping on a pillow. According to The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, pillows should only be used by children who are two years old and above. The age of your child should an important factor when looking for an organic pillow. Make sure that you choose one that is ideal for your child’s age, given that these pillows come in a wide range of designs and sizes.

Allergic reactions

Toddlers tend to have very young and extremely sensitive skins and can be susceptible to most allergic reactions. If your baby is allergic to animal hair, then alpaca and wool pillows will not be ideal for them. A child may also be allergic to cotton, buckwheat hull, kapok, or latex. When you know the allergic reactions that your baby has, then you will be able to purchase the best toddler pillows for them.

Smell and sound

Some children tend to feel uncomfortable with any smell or sounds in the bedroom and this can interfere with their sleep. The hulls found in organic buckwheat pillows tend to be noisy unless they have a layer of organic materials such as wool to help muffle this sound. Other materials such as natural latex pillows are great. However, when brand new, they have the smell of rubber that your child may not like. Even though this odour will diminish over time, your baby may not like it. Make sure that you choose an organic toddler pillow that your child will enjoy using.

Washing instructions

Toddlers can be quite messy and you need to establish whether the pillow you are buying is washable or not. Most organic pillows can be washed because they are hygienic and sterile. For machine-washable pillows, all you need to do is to throw them into the washing machine for a full cycle and it will emerge as clean as new. Other pillows will have removable pillow cases that help to protect the pillow inside and most covers tend to be machine washable while the pillow itself is not.

Pillow firmness and size

When choosing the size of your organic pillow, the age of the child matters. Most pillow manufacturers will have toddler sizes that suit the needs of children. Make sure that the pillow is not too thick for the neck of the child. You should also choose a pillow with moderate firmness because one that is too firm or too soft is unsafe for your toddler.


When buying pillows for kids, always go for those made from hypoallergenic materials. This is because they will not trigger allergic reactions from microbes, chemicals, mould, dust, or dust mites. Always confirm the manufacturer’s label to guarantee that no toxic chemicals are included in the manufacturing process.

Always choose the right toddler pillows based on your budget. These pillows are available in a wide range of designs and patterns and you should pick one that suits the comfort needs of your child. The best healthy pillows will help to create a safe and comfortable bedroom environment from your growing baby.