Amer Fort, or the Amber Fort, has numerous beautiful sights and endless experiences packed inside one fort. The best of all is the elephant ride. Tourists can choose between taking a jeep safari and an elephant safari to the fort. 

The Amer Fort is built on top of a small hill. From the foot of the mountain, tourists take up transportation along the steep slope to reach the fort's entrance. This entrance was specially designed so that the approaching enemies mustclimb a vertical route, which horses would find iifficult. This time gap would be strategically a winning turn for the inmates’ archers to get them down before they reach the fort's walls. Well, you need not worry about the archers as you climb up in an elephant today.


Are you visiting Amer fort during your Jaipur tour with an expectation of an elephant ride? So are a few hundred tourists every day. Thus, you need to visit the fort as early as possible to get a chance. It would take 20-30 minutes for the elephant to get up to the defence, and approximately, it would cost INR 1000 per two people (one elephant). At no instance more than two people will be allowed to travel on an elephant. The rules for the welfare of elephants are pretty strict here.


The fort holds around 80 big-eared mammals, and they are allowed to carry 900 visitors daily. The government has limited the number of trips an elephant can take per day for the safety and welfare of the animal. So, try to reach before 9 am to avoid rush and queue. During peak tourism season, all the elephants would have completed their trip quotas before 11 am. Elephant rides are available only from the foothill to the fort's gates, and the return journey has to be via jeep.

Why choose an elephant ride?

Although jeep rides are easier to find and faster, people prefer elephant rides to the fort. Here are the top reasons for it.
  • It is a unique experience. When it comes to the elephant, India is one of the very few places to enjoy it. Why miss it?
  • The elephant takes a considerable amount of time to reach the top. This allows you to enjoy the grand architecture of the fort from the outside.
  • This is precisely how the royals were taken to their palaces in the fort in the past. How about trying to be a royal heir for a change?
Are you taking up a Rajasthan tour itinerary for your next vacation? You should not be surprised to see Amer fort in your plan. It is an iconic destination of the state. While visiting Amer fort, make sure not to miss an epic ride on the back of this grey mammal.