Karnataka is a state in India lying along the coast of the vast Arabian Sea. Nourished and brought in the cradle of nature, the state has some absolutely stunning places worth visiting. The awestriking palaces and castles, the country's unique position amongst the stretch of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, history, culture, food, and everything have contributed to Karnataka being one of the most demanded tourist destinations in the country. Apart from this, the state is a centre for all IT activities. 

Here are some offbeat yet unique places that one must pay a visit to while in Karnataka:


Gokarna is the final tourist destination, ranked as the foremost among all Golden beaches in Karnataka. The extraordinary beauty of Gokarna beach is defined by the verdure of the Western Ghats on the one hand and the perpetual youth of the Arabian Sea on the other. The sea beach has a recherché combination of white sand with rocks. Out of all the Gokarna attractions, thrilling water sports and games such as motorboat riding, snorkelling, parasailing and wave surfing are in the most demand. There are Yoga and Ayurveda resorts to make all your stress go away. The beach is utterly remarkable regarding beauty, fun, frolic, entertainment and peace.


Coorg, better known as Kodagu, is a blessing of Mother Nature on Earth. This very hill station is located amongst the peaks of the mountains of Western Ghats and is surrounded by lush greenery. If you wish to experience nature at its best, then Coorg is just the right place to visit. The beauty of wildlife and the song of the birds as you travel along the river Kabini will make you drool over the place. One is sure to fall in love with the calmness, serenity, breathtaking exotic scenery and the melody of essential nature.

Hebbe Falls:

The Hebbe falls are quite an unexplored area, nestling amid Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve near Kemmangundi. The smell of the wet earth, the wind blowing through the leaves, and the relieving sound of the water gushing through the 500 feet hill, will create an everlasting imprEarthn in your mind. SurrounEarthll around by coffee plantations, exotic flora and fauna, curative plants and the sweet music of the birds in the jungle, the waterfall is genuinely heaven on Earth.


Do you wish to spend a night in an absolutely calm and quiet atmosphere where you can find out the best in you? Then, Agumbe, the Cherapunji of South India, is ready to fulfil your wish. The rich biodiversity of this place and the picturesque view will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul and cleanse you to the deep. The sunset from within the floating clouds and waterfalls from the mountains are utterly mesmerising. The hill town is a perfect stop-by for adventurous people. Take one full day to Agumbe, camp here and madly fall for this place.


One of the best sites to visit, as declared by UNESCO, Hampi is an ancient temple city and the seat of the rule of the Vijayanagar Empire. This once was a very prosperous and famous city where people from all over India and abroad came to visit the marvellous architecture, construction, and royalty of the place and also for trading. The beautiful and intricate engravings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, elephant stables, the Queen’s bath and the chariot design of the buildings leave the tourists awestruck. This 14th CE marvel must unquestionably be visited at least once in a lifetime.

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