While many holidaymakers visit Malta for the active nightlife, touristy restaurants, and five-star, world-class hotels, others enjoy the solitude of Gozo. This second largest of the Maltese archipelago has some of the world’s most amazing places to dive, swim, and explore. Even in colder months of the year, of which very few, it is possible to dive in the warm sea waters off the coast of Gozo. If you have never been diving in Gozo, you are in for the adventure of a lifetime because there is so much more to see than marine life – though that is a delight in itself!

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Gozo Voted 2nd Best Place in the World for Diving.

If you doubt how fantastic diving in Gozo is, just consider the number of global diving awards Gozo has won. In 2014, Gozo was voted the 2nd Best Place to Dive in the world by readers of Diver Magazine. Serious divers come from all around the world because of the underwater treasures they can explore. In fact, many divers enjoy diving in Gozo so they make it an annual event. Divers come from around the world, as attested to in the North American Diver magazine. If diving weren’t amongst the best in the world, they wouldn’t travel halfway around the world for a sport they can easily enjoy off the long line of coastal waters on their own continent. 

3 Unique Diving Experiences in Gozo

Historically, many divers were driven to learn the sport to search for the hidden treasures said to be held on vessels that sank through the ages. Although they knew their ‘finds’ would be contested by nations or world organisations, the fun of the find drove them on. Did you know that there are several sunken ships off the coast of Gozo? No matter what kind of underwater sport you are looking to enjoy, Gozo has it all. Take your pick. You can go reef diving or cave and wreck exploring and love every minute.

Reef Diving

Sometimes referred to as scuba diving, reef diving is when divers skirt the coral reef that runs along the coast. This barrier helps keep strong tides from eroding the coastline, and divers love the ocean life that makes their home in the reef. This is one of the favourite pastimes for underwater photographers, who document the variety of marine life on any coast. Even those who don’t like deep-sea diving will stay in shallow waters just off the beach for some snorkelling. 

Cave Explorations

If you want to fully explore caves off-shore from Gozo or Malta, you can take a shortened cave course on land before going down. The caves in Gozo or Malta are not sophisticated enough to offer a complete system, but you will be given all the information you need before submerging in the warm sea waters. Some experienced divers are secure enough to set off on their own or in small groups, while others prefer diving tours with a qualified instructor. Since caves are accessible from the shore, there is no need to rent a boat, but that is always an option if you prefer.

Diving the Wrecks off the Coast of Gozo and Malta

If you want to get a glimpse of underwater photos taken of wrecks off the coast of Gozo and Malta, check out the UK Dive Magazine online. Here you will find various images to help you decide where you want to explore. Check out wrecks like the HMS Stubborn off Qawra Point, the Blenheim Bomber from Xorb l-Ghagin, Karwela from Xatt l-Ahmar, Gozo, or the Imperial Eagle also off Qawra Point. As a diver, you may not find any treasures, which were probably discovered long before your birth, but you can snap some award-winning pics, and that’s the next best thing – almost!

Best Places to Dive from Gozo

There is no denying that the blue lagoon is a beautiful diving spot. It is a world-famous inland body of water in Gozo that attracts holidaymakers and divers from every region of the world. The seas are a crystalline blue, and, as if that wasn’t enough, diving in the Blue Lagoon offers a clear view of the marine life below. There are no muddy waters here to obstruct your view. However, if it’s cave diving you are after, the best places to explore are:
  • Inland Sea Crack
  • Billinghurst Cave
  • Bottle Neck
  • Triple Arch
  • Double Arch
  • Shrimp Cave
  • Submarine Cave
  • Audrey’s Crack
  • Cathedral Cave
  • Mgarr I-Xinyi Cavern
  • Popeye Cave
  • Xlendi Tunnel
  • Dingli Cliff Cave
These caves, tunnels, cracks, and caverns are located on the coasts of the Maltese islands, many of which are on Gozo. It is okay to enjoy both islands because the ferry regularly runs, enabling you to enjoy the best of both worlds. While some drivers prefer a stay on the more populous Malta, many enjoy the serenity of Gozo.

Marine Life in the Gozo Sea Waters

If you are diving to view and learn about the marine life off the coast of Gozo and Malta, the wide variety of fauna and flora is well worth the trip. Not only will you find life in the coral reefs, but you will also find that wrecks serve as artificial reefs, and there, you will find a fantastic amount of sea life. Did you know that fishing takes many forms in Gozo? Underwater fishing is both an art and a science, and although only skilled divers attempt fishing in this manner, many new divers like to swim around trying to catch a fish or two.

While you could fill volumes listing the variety of fish and other seafood, you’ll see in the waters off Malta and Gozo, some of the most popular are those mystical seahorses. How can one know this? It’s because of the small bits of algae found mostly on substrate limestone rocks of the caverns on the beach. Officially, San Dimitri Point, Gozo, is the place to find large schools of seahorses, although you will see them in most caves and caverns off the coast.

While drivers wouldn’t be looking for fishing excursions, they can have a bit of fun catching the occasional grouper, red mullet, or even a stray octopus. It’s all in the sport of it, also though your first passion is the dive. If you’ve never taken up underwater photography, now would be the time to do so. As mentioned above, there is no better place on earth to capture underwater colonies of marine life. New photographers are amazed at how light plays underwater, so if you want to journal your diving trip to Gonzo, photos are the best way to remember the fun you’ve had.

New to Diving? Gozo Diving Schools Are Highly Ranked Worldwide

 There is a social side to diving, and if you are just tagging along with your avid divers mates, you can also learn to dive while on Gozo. In fact, because the waters are warm all seasons of the year, dive schools in Gozo and Malta have unusually long histories. Some of the world’s most extended operational diving schools are located in the Mediterranean, and Malta holds a place of honour. Courses here can be found for first-time divers, novice divers with bit of experience, and even advanced diving for those ready to go deeper.
Whether looking for group lessons or a private instructor, diving instructors are members of local chapters of the Professional Dive School Association that focus on safety above all else. Technique and safety go hand-in-hand, so you can trust a diving instructor at home in Malta to understand the importance of both.

You will not find a better spot on the face of the earth to dive from, so book your Gozo diving trip today.