Instagram is helpful networking, audience-building, and content marketing tool for brands and individuals. It has over 1 billion active monthly users and generates about 1.6 billion likes daily from 60 million shared images. This platform has higher engagement rates than other social media platforms. Therefore, it makes business sense to grow followership on Instagram.  It is essential to know how to get real Instagram followers,  where to get real followers, and Why you must get Instagram followers? 

Here are 11 surprising ways to get more Instagram followers.

1. Get creative with the hashtag

Hashtagging is a core activity in the growing audience of your Instagram account. When coming up with a hashtag, get a little creative. Avoid bland, one-word hashtags and mix them with words that tell a part of your story. Being ironic, funny, and outrageous is okay. Your followers will likely join the conversation if your hashtag is way above the obvious.

2. Join the viral discussions

Favorite discussions pull in many followers, some of whom you are targeting. It is good to join some of these viral conversations by adding hashtags to your meetings. You can add your own-one word hashtag besides the popular hashtags. Ensure that your message is relevant to the widespread debate. Add a twist that says something about your brand or an appropriate image.

3. Polish up your bio

Your Instagram profile is your most significant chance to tell your target clientele what you are doing and who you are. Get a little creative and spur their interest with a few words. Besides, make use of the bio URL. Only link the website to the same services page or the homepage for a while. Keep changing it occasionally to point at your most recent or famous content to enhance your engagement rates. 

4. Captions complete the story

They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, the text is also as important as the pictures. Tell a story about your image to generate engagement and encourage your followers to share the content. The message in a photo may not be as apparent as you think. Tell Instagrammers what it is all about. While you are at it, find a suitable writing voice that you will be using to send your message across.

5. Approve all photo tags before they show up on your profile

Some photos may hurt your brand as a business or individual. Therefore, you must prevent them from showing up on your wall. You can do this by enabling manual approvals of the photos before they appear. This option is found under ‘options,’ then select ‘Photos of You’ and then select add manually to approve images.

6. Be in touch with your locality

Being in touch with your geolocation is essential. This will enable you to join in relevant conversations and win more followers. Tho check what conversations are going down in your area, go to the search page and then to the places tab. From this bar, you can type the name of your target area and see all the geotagged posts at the location.

7. Do not forget the calls to action

Use the conversations with your followers to your advantage. Do not just share many posts without telling your followers what to do. Tell them the action they need to take after reading your posts. Get creative in weaving the calls to action with the rest of the content. By creating conversations, more followers are more likely to take up the challenge and do the requested action, such as share, follow, and subscribe.

8. Interact with top influencers in your area

Identify the influencers of your target market. These are people who inspire your target market to act. Then, visit each of their profiles. Click ‘Turn on Post Notifications to notify you whenever they post new content. Use the opportunity to interact with them regularly to become their favorite brand or person. Once they warm up to you, you can ride on their influence to attract more followers to your profile.

9. Get Instagram views

If you want to grow your followers fast to achieve your business or individual goals, you can get authentic Instagram views and shore up your get Instagram followers at once. Since the pictures are genuine, you continue getting new followers from sharing and friends of the followers who see your posts on friends’ timelines. Also, getting Instagram views will give you the number of views that you want the audience to engage with you. Get Instagram views instantly to get decent exposure; they are the best place on the market for the services you need! More people usually like posts when many more people have liked the posts. You can get as many packages as you wish to shore up your presence; you can do it on. 

10. Share your Instagram profile with other communications

Sign off your emails with a link to your Instagram profile. Include the pattern in your business card, posters, and other connections. People who are interested in the brand or yourself will visit your Instagram page to see what is on offer. This Instagram proxies guide is by Quantum Marketer. Test the link you send to people beforehand to determine if it works.

11. Remove any unwanted photos from your profile

The best way to interact and engage with your followers is to feature only the best content about your brand. However, you will always see a photo that you have been tagged with, which may not represent the brand's ideals or project the image you want for your brand.

You cannot remove photos you have been tagged entirely from Instagram. However, you can hide them from your profile, so they are no longer visible. To hide pictures, choose ‘Edit Tags’ and select the images you want to remove. Then, select ‘Hide from Profile’ and confirm.

The value of Instagram as a networking and marketing tool cannot be overstated. However, you need to grow the audience to continue to realize its benefits. Try as many ways as possible to net in as many followers as possible. Engage them in conversations to maintain interest in your brand.