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By the Numbers: Why Your Company Needs to be on Instagram

In today’s business environment, marketing is essential. However, traditional marketing methods only make up a small percentage of successful promotional efforts as digital marketing has taken over. This means that successful businesses must work on their online marketing strategies to improve sales and keep up with the competition. Part of that is through the use of social media, and one very significant program is Instagram. While other platforms can be beneficial for advertising and promotions, the numbers show that Instagram is a vital resource for any business looking to grow their customer base and improve sales.

Instagram has the highest engagement rate.

With an engagement rate that is 10 times higher than Facebook’s, Instagram has the most customer interaction of any significant social media platform. This means that users are more likely to click on your posts or links and learn more about your products and services. They’ll also add comments, share your photos and videos, and help you to gain more followers. As business goes, this means that you’ll benefit from a broader potential client base, and your clicks may eventually turn into sales, helping your organisation to gain profit on a regular basis.

Over 30% of Instagram users have purchased something on the platform.

Instagram makes it easy to follow companies and buy their products through the network. Just under 1 in 3 users have utilised this service to purchase something, and that is a fantastic ratio. By just having an active profile on Instagram, you are increasing the chances that someone will view your brand and be convinced to try out your products. Every time someone clicks on your profile, you are gaining a potential new customer, and even if they don’t buy something directly at that moment, they may be reminded later on and get something straight from your website.

There are over 2 million monthly advertisers on Instagram

This number should really tell you everything you need to know about the network. If Instagram weren’t a useful platform for advertising, there wouldn’t be nearly as many active advertisers utilising the service. Professional and services are experts at seeking out the best avenues for maximum exposure, and this shows that they agree that Instagram is immensely beneficial for anybody that is looking to promote their brand and why many professionals use cheap video views services like or software to increase their social proof.

80% of Instagram users follow a business on the platform

With over 500 million monthly users, this means that 400 million people are interacting with a company on Instagram, whether actively or passively. Chances are that these users don’t just follow a single business, either. Those who are proficient in using the platform are likely to develop several of their favourite companies across a variety of industries. If you can gain a large following, you are improving your chances of maximising your exposure and receiving more clicks that will eventually convert to sales. It just makes sense to promote your business to the broadest potential audience available.

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