Drinking water regularly is a must if you want to shed some pounds as it is the best and easiest weapon to fight the food cravings. Moreover, it is straightforward to incorporate it into your weight loss plan. All those other critical aspects that matter like regular exercise need much more willpower than just making sure you are getting enough fluids.

There are many excuses you can have for not hitting the gym regularly or not have 5-6 quality meals a day. Let’s face it, our busy lives do not always allow us to follow a balanced diet. But you will barely find an excuse that prevents you from drinking around 8 glasses of water a day, right?

Water makes you feel fuller

Thirst is many times by our brains wrongly interpreted as hunger. So instead of having just a quick glass of water, we reach for some snack. As a result, we increase the daily calorie intake that is the critical cause of weight gain. So if you struggle with food cravings during odd times of the day, reach for water at first and wait for a few minutes whether the hunger was calmed down or not. If not, you can enter for the snack.

Water contains almost zero amount of calories, so is more than ideal for filling the stomach and preventing overeating. Every dieting book or weight loss expert suggests drinking at least 8-10 cups a day. Drinking a few cups is also great before going to a party, sporting or any other social events as these are usually full of free snacks loaded with extra calories. With water in your stomach, you will be able to avoid eating these snacks entirely or at least for some time.

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Drinking water helps to burn calories

Once you do not give your body enough fluids, you will become dehydrated. As a side effect, your metabolism will slow down to conserve the energy and your organs will not function efficiently anymore. Therefore, dehydration inhibits the fat burning process within your body as it is strongly linked to the speed of your metabolism. Consequently, you need a steady water intake that will keep your metabolism at an optimal rate and give you the energy required during exercise.

One of the easiest ways how to boost your metabolism right after you wake up is to drink 1-2 glasses of cold water. Your metabolism will have to speed up while trying to warm up the water you have just drank. This will not only add to your daily workout routine but also contribute to other weight loss efforts. Therefore, put the water into the fridge before sleep, so it is ready when you wake up.

Water improves an overall health condition

Our bodily processes produce different toxins and a lot of waste materials that we need to get rid of. And water serves precisely that purpose – it flushes these poisons from our body’s systems. Water also lubricates the joints, so its intake is essential to prevent injuries during the workout routine. It is imperative that you drink an adequate amount of water not just because of the weight loss, but also to keep your health at an optimum.

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