Self-massaging is something that has enormous healing and health benefits for our bodies. It is excellent if you have someone who enjoys massaging you, but it is also good to know how to press certain areas of your body yourself.

Multiple positive effects

With the help of massage the blood circulation is improved, the secretion is removed from the sebaceous and sweat glands, the subcutaneous adipose tissue and fat are removed, the metabolism is strengthened, i.e. the flow of nutrients in the muscles is speeded up, the oxidation of the muscles is improved, and the lymph swelling disappears since the skin gets a stronger tone, becomes more elastic, looks healthier and has a younger look.

The condition of the muscles which move our body depends highly on the pose and look.

The massage affects the feet by stretching them, i.e. they decrease, and then become stronger, but more relaxed because the message removes the milk acid sediment which oftentimes leads to cramps and pain in the muscles, can do leg and ankle massagers at

On the photo, you can clearly see which parts of the feet should be massaged for the healing of a particular organ.

It is known that with massage and applied pressure of sure feet parts, different organ diseases can be healed, and pain could be decreased! You should massage your feet before you go to sleep. It is recommended you make this massage a daily routine. The pressing should last from 10 to 15 minutes.

If you already suffer from a particular disease, use the photo and pressure, i.e. massage the painful spot, or even better, massage the entire foot for improvement of the whole body!

…and now you know:-) Check these massage chairs for the most relaxing experience at home