Blepharoplasty is a surgical process where the excess fat and skin is removed which are present around the eyes. It is a very common cosmetic treatment which is carried out mainly to improve the appearance of the eyelids. This operation does not take much time; usually up to half an hour. After the surgery is done, there are many instructions that should be followed and some advice should also be taken into consideration for fast recovery. Given below are several points about how to take care after blepharoplasty surgery for better recovery.

Swelling: After the surgery, you must ensure that there is no swelling. This can be a problem which can slow down the process of recovery. Try not to lie down flat, and do take 2-3 pillows while sleeping. For a few days after the surgery, sleep only on your back. These measures are very important to restrict swelling.

Food: Doctors highly recommend eating liquid and nutritious food just after the surgery. This is because it will reduce the movement of the face while eating and not cause any swelling. Another important aspect is to drink a huge amount of water. This will make the patient stay hydrated after the surgery.

Try to follow the medication which is prescribed by the doctor. This is important to lessen the pain after the surgery and also for fast recovery. Try not to remove the steri–strips just after the surgery. Though it might feel uncomfortable it is risky to remove the strips.

Showers and makeup: The patient can take a shower from the neck down after the surgery, but he/ she cannot take a full shower at least after 5-6 days of the surgery. After a few days, the patient can use shampoo and it will be beneficial if the patient can wash the eyelids, hair with mild products as it will not cause any irritation. Makeup and creams should also not be applied to the areas where the surgery has been done. Following these instructions is very important.

Do not perform any task: Try to avoid wearing contact lenses till 2 weeks after the surgery, and you might feel a little problem in seeing clearly, so try to avoid driving at least for one week as it may result in making the situation worse. The patient should not perform difficult tasks during this time and should take more and more rest for better results. The eyes should also be protected from the sun as it may affect the vision. These small measures are very important for taking care of the eyes.

Try not to perform any heavy physical activity for at least one or two weeks. Activities like running, jumping, etc. can cause a problem and it might result in swelling. This is a very important thing to keep in mind. So the patient should only walk for the first few days for fast recovery. This is important to prevent blood clot formation.

It is better to take a leave from all the work for at least one week. Taking any work pressure and stress can also be a problem. Try to contact the doctor after a few days and make sure everything is happening in the right way. This can help in the better healing process and appropriate treatment if needed after the surgery. If you are facing any kind of issue in your eyes or even in your body, contact the doctor without any hesitation as it may be needed to be treated as soon as possible.

At first, there may be some swelling but it should not be a big issue as it could be normal. Try to take the best care after the surgery to prevent more swelling. No doubt, blepharoplasty surgery is a very critical surgery of the eye after which the patient will need a good amount of rest and a leave for all the work. This surgery is very important if there is excess fat around the eyelids. If you want to search for the best hospitals for Blepharoplasty in Singapore, search on the internet and you may come up with the best hospitals offering the surgery options and choose a hospital which fits your needs and budget.

Everyone should opt for the best surgery package and go to the hospitals which have reputed and skilled eye specialists. By browsing through the internet, you can get an easy guide on eye surgery and this can be very beneficial for your eye surgery.

Hence, without worrying about anything, follow the above tips for fast recovery of your eyes, and do not rush to do anything as it may make the situation worse and may not cause any recovery faster. After one or two weeks of the surgery, consult the doctor and after his permission, you can easily lead a normal life and perform all the activities normally.

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